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Zonedit Question


I am new to zonedit. I have a few domains. I would like to use subdomains and my paid host wont allow me to do so. I have a ip address to my host and was wondering if I used zone edit and entered my ip address and domain if that would redirect to my ip address and make it yourname.com/page if i used the subdomain page.yourname.com or would it be 12.345.678.1/page?
I've tried to read that and eith er I am too tired to understand ti completely or you're just confusing the bleep outta me or both. I've never used zonedit (let me say that first), *but* the general principles should be the same.

I'm not sure if they offer the exact same thing with subdomains as with domains, but in general:

You can direct a domain to an IP address.
You can redirect a domain to a URL.
You can map a subdomin to another subdomain.
You could redirect everything to your IP and then use a script to direct the visitor by name.

I don't know if this will help you, as I don't fully understand everything you asked. If you are just asking whether they have stealth redirection (shows subdomain.domain.com in the browser instead of domain.com/directory), then I don't know.
mainly what im asking is if i use zonedit if someone goes to my site will it say myname.com or will it show the ip address or whatever in the address bar. if someone clicks a link on my index page say to go to the page mike.html will it show in the address bar myname.com/mike.html or will it show the ip address?
Let me take a run at this...

Yes, if you set up an A record or IP address as they call it, your domain name will run throughout the site. Using your example the link to mike will show as myname.com/mike.html

Overall they seem nice. I just started to use them the other day. The only downside that I can see is they don't give you an option of being able to put in keywords if you use the cloaked redirect option. I'm sure others will have things to add in days to come.
No, your IP address wouldn't show. The only time it would is if you called the page by IP address, which you aren't doing (are you?). Even with ordinary redirection (no stealth) it would work fine, unless you redirect to instead of domain.com/directory
You can use Zoneedit to run subdomains on your web space if you a have a fixed IP address.

All you have to do is set a wildcard hostname (*) and point it to your IP address.
Then you can use a free PHP script to do the redirection of anthing in directory /dir to dir.yourname.com.

Email / PHP

Do you know the name of such a program? Also what would I do for email? could I use me@myname.com?
Not exactly. Depending on the DNS service they use, you might have some options. Not sure what zonedit offers in the way of this, but I do seem to remember that there was some mail thing there. Otherwise, map (MX) domain to the current domain. A script like this will only redirect your domain name (as I think you know), it won't do anything for email. Check zoneedit/centralinfo/mydomain to see which offers you the best option for handling mail.