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Free online file hosting

This is a guide to where you can store files on the web for free. If you are looking for a place to host your website, please visit the main page of instead. lets you Share and Access your Photos, Documents, and Files from ANY Computer. Backup and Sync important data. 1GB of space for free, or 5GB for $7.95/mo. Easy to use and no software to download. - Free file hosting. Advanced features, no registration required. Upload and share your files today, 100% free. Free file hosting
Free music & file hosting Up to 150MB per file, 5 Files at once.
Premium Accounts starting from $5 per month, Registration is optional.

FileSend - Free File Hosting and Delivery
We offer a generous 120 MB of space to upload your files and send to your
friends! All files are accepted! 45-day inactivity limit! 100% free!

Earn Points When Someone Downloads! Redeem Points for Cash or Prizes!

A free file hosting service that support hotlinking. 1000MB webspace, 8000MB bandwidth with 50MB upload. All file types accepted.

4filehosting - Free File Hosting & Free MP3 Hosting
Providing Unlimited free file hosting with one click for any type of files up to 100MB per file. Premium accounts also available for up to 500 MB per file for only $9.99 per month. Suitable for your music, videos, movies, images or documents.
is a handy free service that lets you upload, share and save files in an online hard drive. Accounts include 2GB file storage and generous amounts of bandwidth transfer. offers 30 MB upload with 850 MB bw per month, multi file upload and real time stats.

Allow files up to 1GB (1000mb) to be uploaded

File size limit is 50 MB.
Max file size limit is 100 MB.

Files up to 500 MB can be uploaded

500 MB file size limit.
File size limit is 100 MB.

500MB a file, no download counter, no bandwidth limits

2 GB space. Allow all file types.

125 MB file and image hosting

File and image hosting

1000 MB a file limit.

Maximum file size 500 MB.

Filecrunch - Free File Hosting 
Accept ALL files. Unlimited uploads/downloads with 250MB file size limit. Powered by a upload progress bar. Add comments to the files.

Dedicated free file hosting service. No registration required. 150MB upload limit.

50MB filesize, unlimited uploads and downloads.

No banners, no popups.

You don't have to sign up or login to upload files. Files must be smaller than 250 MB.
Free File Hosting - 150 MB filesize, unlimited uploads/downloads. Registration is not required.

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