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1.5 tb bandwidth - 50gb storage requested


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I am looking for a hosting company that offers the above for as reasonible a rate as is possible. Would be a 2 year contract if they are capable of 95% + up time guarantee. Should have mysql database capability and php also should have .htaccess controlability and multi ftp account ability. I could explin better the use I need if I know at least the above can be offered. I expect it to be a fairly steep price but would like the most reasonible possible.
You're looking more at a dedicated server with these figures (unless you want to risk an oversold server and find that you can't actually use everything)

Drop me an email with your full requirements and an estimate of your budget.

The 1.5Tb bandwidth is going to be the killer, do you genuinely need this much ? If you can make do with less, then we could probably do something in the low $120's for an average box with cPanel with you as the primary customer (possibly only customer depending on your workload)
Are you talking about 1.5 terabytes (TB) bandwidth and 50 GB disk space? If so, you would need to get a dedicated server. You will not find any shared hosting or reseller hosting out there that would offer this kind of specs.

For a host to offer this as a shared hosting and at a low price, they probably need customer really bad and is overselling. It is best to stay away from these kind of hosts as possible.

InsaneWebHost, you do know that 1.5 TB bandwidth and 50 GB disk space is a lot of numbers for shared hosting and reseller hosting? And you are offering it for $25/monthly! :confused4
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Yeah, honestly, I don't think you will find someone who's crazy enough to offer you such thing at a low price. And if you do find someone that's going to take your offer, heh, be ready for constant downtimes.

Anyway, just like everybody else on this forum said, get yourself a dedicated.

Good luck finding the right host!

Help House Hosting can offer you a dedicated server with the following:
One Time Setup Fee: $60
80GB Disc Space
Unmetered Bandwidth (T-1 Line)
Intel P4 2.8ghz Xeon Processor
Plesk CP
2 Dedicated IP's
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Thank you all very much for the reply's. For some reason I did not get an e-mail notification of the responses or I would have replied sooner.

Yes I do in fact mean Terrabyte for bandwidth and yes I do know that is a lot and I also know that for the intended purpose it is the least amount I would be comfortable with.

I am no where near familiar enough with the routines of a dedicated server but as that has been the unannimous comment both here and via PM I am inclined to begin cramming for info on this. I have an offer on the table that meets my request very well and comes in under 200$ so I will be digging into that one first.

For now though it looks as though my need will indeed be able to be met but I first must get a bit more up to speed with the knowledge of running a dedicated server. The next question I have is then would I be better off if I had my own server hardware and sought only a dedicated connection for that server? I know where I can get a server system for under $2500 with the following specs and wonder if I would simply be cheaper to do so in the long run as this will be a minimum of a 2 year venture.

Dual Intel XEON 3.06 GHz (800 Front Side Bus/1mb Cache
Lindenhurst chipset
2GB ECC PC2700 ddr 333
3 - 120GB ATA 7200 rpm drives
3 - ATA133 hotswap trays
16X dvd drive
1.44MB Floppy
3Ware 4 Port RAID 5 Controller
Dual integrated Gigabit LAN
8MB Integrated ATI Rage XL Video
No OS Included

So is that a fair price and a solid system if I were to go that route?

Again my many thanx for the reply's

I should make mention my site as it is right now recieves over 1000 unique loads per day and averages around 1.4 million visits per month. These numbers will grow dramatically should I gain the request I am seeking as I will be able to offer file sharing (as in people upload files for others to get) Not sure if the term file sharing is the right one there... anyway current sites that do what I am looking at doing average around 780 gigs of bandwidth usage per months and under special circumstance even hit as high as 1.9 Terrabytes in less then 20 days. Hence my request for 1.5 terrabytes of bandwidth to be comfortable in handling what could be a heavy hit at times. Plus if the average stays at 780 I would have some extra to offer perhaps image hosting on as well...
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I am not sure how you can get the price < $200 for that box. The cheapest price from decent provider I can see is around $350/month (plus setup fee) with 2000GB transfer.

btw, are you running a busy forum? How many members online at the same time?

to captureroftyme: how many GB of transfer can you get from an unmetered T1 line?
Right now yes a busy forum as well as a webring and database listing service that uses a "classified ad's" script. etc.

with an average of 2300+ hits per hour I could not say exactly how many people are on the domain at any one time but I can assume a high number in the range of 500 users on my pages or accessing them at one time.

Anyway. The offer that was for <200$ a month was this...

2 TB Bandwidth, or a 100MBps Unmetered Connection. The price ranges on them are from $159 per month, but with a large setup fee, to $499 per month with a small setup fee.

So it is very likely the large set up fee is in the 1000$ range to get the 159 a month. Like I mentioned though I will look into it very carefully before ever deciding on it. I was given contact info and such and plan to investigate it as much as possible. :)

Due to fluctuations in usage I would get though and due to hearing very questionable things about unmetered connections I would simply wish to have the TB/Month set up especially not knowing exact number averages and highs for visitors etc.
i recommend you try: http://www.bocacom.net/

i and a friend use them and they're great. you may want to e-mail them asking for 1.5tb, but it looks to me like they'd be able to provide 50gigs space, 1.5tb for under $150. depending on what else you want added.
ok once again I got no e-mail notices...hrmm...sorry again...

I think I am still going to say no on the unmetered connections. Right now I have a very solid prospect in place at HiVelocity and am investigating them, anyone here happen to use them or know someone who does?

Thanx for the link to the bocacom.net I will check them out tonight. They too sound like something worth checking out.

I run phpBB forum scripts that have been modified quite a bit just that they offer me more of what I am looking for and have scripts that I have grown very accustom to modifying and such so have stuck with them. Any particular reason you ask?

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If the $200 mark doesn't scare you then you will be able to get a server okay, but I agree the spec that you showed above is well out of that range and I can't understand how someone could even think of offering that.

You can get a decent server with 2TB transfer though.
I am not sure what people are refering to when they mention not getting specs like that for 150....if however you mean this...

Dual Intel XEON 3.06 GHz (800 Front Side Bus/1mb Cache
Lindenhurst chipset
2GB ECC PC2700 ddr 333
3 - 120GB ATA 7200 rpm drives
3 - ATA133 hotswap trays
16X dvd drive
1.44MB Floppy
3Ware 4 Port RAID 5 Controller
Dual integrated Gigabit LAN
8MB Integrated ATI Rage XL Video
No OS Included

Then just a small correction... That is a server system I can buy outright for $2500 dollars and would then have to buy the bandwidth from a provider or co-locate the server with them etc. Which after investigating that option it is not quite as cost effective as taking a dedicated server system and bandwidth package. Plus getting the package incluudes tech support and free reboots etc where I have yet to find a co-location provider that would do something like that without charging an hourly rate around 65$...so...

Right now I am looking at an AMD 2400+ with 1gig ram and 120gigs storage with 1.5 TB bandwidth for $120/month (including 3 months free at $1800 annual contract so total of 15 months) So far that is the best deal I have found and HiVelocity was very kind in answering my questions at 3am on their live chat tech line and then on the phone the next day for almost two full hours of questioning total. :) So for right now they hold the numero uno slot on my list.
Ah! I see, a colo option, that does explain the cost then.

And well done to HiVelocity that is great service, hat doffed to them for that.

Do you intend paying for the year / full period or is it to be monthly ...etc.

You are being realistic in cost band and we may be able to provide what you need. Obviously information is the key. The reason for asking the payment schedule is that discounts can be gained and this will allow us to quote better to the request.
:) I thought maybe the system I was asking about co-locating might have been confused with the 150 a month :)

But yes I would be paying the full year upfront as in I would pay the $1800 June 1rst or July 1rst depending on when I have the full amount available.

And yeah I am very happy with HiVelocity so far. It is rare to find Tech AND sales people that know about the whole deal and are willing to spend that much time talking to a "Potential" customer and even point you to other services to look into etc. So yeah like I said they are high on my list ;) But as I have the rest of this month at the least to investigate there is still a chance someone will be able to offer me more and have the same kind of service staff etc that they do so still looking into things :)
I have heard good comments about HiVelocity :) The price is very attractive as well. But I am a bit confused to see what kind of server you are looking for. Cause with a very busy forum, you should consider a Dual Xeon box, but you stated above that you are looking at a AMD 2400 box :) I am afraid that it's not enough for your forum with 500 members online at the same time, I mean 500 REAL members, not something likes search engine bots...
If it's dedicated and properly set up a P3/4 or AMD will handle it fine. 512 RAM would also be fine. Things may be slower - measured in milliseconds processing time but will be fine.

A well setup server will perform admirably for your requirements.

You have a good touch so far with HiVelocity please feel free to ask us for an alternate.