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managed wordpress hosting

1.5 tb bandwidth - 50gb storage requested

oh oh...let me clarify a bit more on the forum thing :) the forum very well could remain on the host it is on right now as I have pre-paid powweb for a 2 year contract there already...did that when I renewed last time. The 5g a day bandwidth there has been ample and so far (knock on wood) I have been very fortunate in my dealings with them, unlike some others.

Their tech support has been right on the ball with one exception and that was when the phpBB worm got loose in their systems wreaking havoc so very understandable as to why it took then a day to respond. But other then that I have had no complaints with them thus far in regard to hosting the forums and webring etc. So very likely that those parts of my service will remain on the powweb server. The dedicated server would simply be a file server for uploading and downloading of files and would likely host a few basic html pages etc such like that. I would be using a php and mysql file handler though so would still need that kind of programming ability etc too though.

Thanx very much for the replies and offers I greatly appreciate the time taken to share your knowledge with me on these things and would still be very happy to entertain other offers/options etc if anyone has some. Like I said June 1rst will be the earliest I am able to do this so lots of time still.
ok then :)
so, HiVelocity is the first one in your considering list. I also want to add our service to that as well. You can contact me with your questions if you are interested :) Maybe after another month, I can get a better offer for you, but at the moment, I can give you one like this
- P4 3GHz / 1GB RAM / 80GB HDD / 1400GB transfer / CentOS that costs $150/month.

Also, I would suggest you to add another HDD, so you can put your files on one HDD and database on another. That would help to increase server performance.
Thanx much Gate2vn. I don't have much time this weekend at all but will get ahold of you come Monday. Lot of things for "RL" that I have to get done this weekend so won't be on the comp much at all. What is the best Pacific Standard Time Monday to contact you, say, on MSN? Also thanx for the suggestion of database and file base seperation I will add that to my growing list of info!

Welp my weekend begins...sigh so if I am slow in response now it isn't due to no e-mail LOL got that working finally..now it is just no time ;) Thanx again to all for the information and suggestions etc being offered very much appreciate it.
threadwhisperer, meanwhile our techs are almost on helpdesk, I am available from 7:00AM to 11:59PM (GMT+7) :) Just give me some time to get food ;) You can contact me through MSN, AIM or Y!M. Also, drop me a message at sales @gate2vn.net anytime if you have question

have a nice weekend
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Hello threadwhisper.

I am willing to try this out with you.

Is it possible if you were to email me at websoft.ld @ gmail.com or MSN at chen_ze_wei @ hotmail.com