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15 gigabytes/month?


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Right now, I am fortunate enough to have a friend with a web server who hosts my sites for free. I do give him 20% of ad revenue.

However, I thought I should check to see what my options are if I had to buy webhosting on the market. And from what I can tell, the service I am getting is simply not available commercially.

The biggest stumbling block is bandwidth. My site gets about 1.5 million hits per month, and though I haven't added up the bandwidth, I'd estimate that would come to about 15 gigabytes/month. The companies that offer web hosting plans don't seem to go that high even for their "premiere" service.

I would also need c shell access in order to manage the files. FTP alone is not adequate. Naturally, it would have to be some kind of Unix box.

Further, I'd want my own http logs, not mixed up with anybody else's data. The logs should include referrer information and be viewable and downloadable at will.

On the other hand, I wouldn't need any server-side fancy stuff. All of my web stuff is static html and images.

Of course, I'd want total control over any advertising to appear on the site, and no popups, cookies, gambling, scams, or risque content. But I'd be happy to share a percentage of revenue.

Is there any place out there that offers this kind of hosting for a reasonable amount of money? Or would it be cheaper to set up my own server?
Bandwidth limits seem to mean that, while anyone can publish a web page to the whole world for free or cheap, if the whole world actually shows up to read it, your host will cut you off.
The posted bandwidth figures are generally what the host will include with the package price, not the limit. Any host will provide you with more, at an additional cost (some times referred to as 'overage' or 'additional' bandwidth charge).
I'm only an affiliate for liquidweb, I host my site with phenominet but I found liquidweb has answered all my tech support questions within 24 hours unless I e-mail on friday or a weekend. Phenominet actually answered my support question within 20 minutes on New Year's Eve, wasn't expecting that.