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anywhere to trade domain names?


New Member

is there anywhere that you can trade domain names?

my friend has 3 that he no longer uses (facebookgamez.co.uk, sheahost.co.uk and sheassecret.co.uk)

he;s wanting to start a new site with a .co.uk domain, i was thinking there might be somewhere that he could trade these names for the new one registering

all all have about a year to run so probably some use to someone, even if its just to park against there names
why don't you just leave the domain to expiry? Register your new domain name and develop a new site, isn't it make things easier?

sorry, I just don't understand why you want to trade domain names?
He's probably looking for a domain that has already been around for some time for SEO or PR crap.
the original idea is to just go ahead and register another domain, i just thought there might be somewhere that has the option to trade domains like there is to sell them, incase anyone is interested in the names that still have time to go before they could register them,

this guy goes through domain names like most people go through water, registers them then changes his mind, i know i've wanted a domain name and had to wait
James, I don't know of any place where you can 'trade' domains, but you could probably unload them for a little bit of something by using a service like namepros.
thanks i'll give that a go,
i register the domains for him (only one with a creditcard) and it just drives me crazy going on to the sites and seeing his unused domains, i know the names dont look usefull for much but whats useless to one person can be what another desperately needs, i know i've sat waiting over a year for a name that'd be worthless to most in the past
I do know people sell on ebay (even for just a quid or 2), might be worth a go. Yes I did buy one there and it all went well :)
The best place for this is probably Sedo, as you can park domain names there and list them in their marketplace at the same time.
There are some specialized forums where the domains are the main idea and there are many professionals which can have a trade with you and your friends.

Also some forums have marketplace section where domain names are sold. Consider such forums as namepros(.com) and v7n(.com). I know there the trade happens.