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British Internet - 2 Warnings for piracy, disconnected.

But newer games I want to try it first, see if it works well on my computer. (Can you run it, I use that too. But it's not perfect, only true test is running the game.) One game I bought in the past 2 years (?) before trying was C&C: Kane Edition. £30, brand new, the week it came out. Having played the previous C&C series and loved it. I thought what the heck. It wasn't worth £30 in my eyes now that I look back, I wish I never bought it. But if I did it the other way around, downloaded and played, enjoyed it and thought the game was worth £30, I would have bought it at some point if I enjoyed it that much and had the money to spare. Or I would have bought a previous version of C&C, even the cost out.

When certain jobs require you have certain skills? Guess what, you're JUST NOT QUALIFIED. ----.

This is where you're really insulting my intelligence: 'I would have bought it'. No you wouldn't have. This is where your 'try before you buy' bull---- comes back. All you do is *try*. You don't buy. At least this time, you did. Good work.

The last thing you say that disgusts me is your hiding behind the numbers. 'Oh but he has TBs and TBs of stuff, way more than me.' Guess what, you're still pirating. You're not paying. So don't go saying 'I'm not as bad, he does more!'

I've said it already in this thread, I also pirate things. Things I can't afford. At least be honest enough to admit it and stop defending your position like access to music/movies/games/software is some sort of right.
I've had it for a long time and always use it at other people's houses, but I find it's music catalogue is way too popular, never having more obscure tracks on it. It may not be viable for them to do it and I understand; but at the end of the day it's still a +1 for piracy.
I listen to quite alot of Rock/Metal and some bands which aren't known at all to be honest. It has them.
I have admitted it, I don't hide the fact I pirate. So what are you talking about? Whatever you are thinking of me, you're wrong. Again you don't know me and my habits, I do buy pirated software, I do try it, and if I like it, I do buy it at some point. I don't use the fact more people pirate more stuff than me to try and justify what I do, you're seeming to try and find anything I've said as a personal insult to yourself to try to prove you are right, when you just aren't. I just even explained it in the post that is 'insulting your intelligence'. Where did you pull that idea from for christ sake?

Just because I pirate doesn't mean I pirate EVERY damn thing. I don't. So you can't say I don't buy without knowing all the facts.

About the job thing, that would be the reason I'm under qualified. Because I don't have anywhere to learn it, or the money to buy the software to learn it. Don't even say college, you still don't know the facts of the city I live or me.
I think having internet disconnected is a bit harsh.

I pirate things too, quite a bit, but most of it is stuff not available to me in the USA. Examples include British TV shows, less popular foreign music, song remixes, etc. Otherwise free alternatives to some software can be as good, if not better than their paid counterpart. I also watch a lot of video on Hulu.com. (Unfortunately only available to the US.) Most new TV shows in the USA are on Hulu the next day. So, there is really no need to pirate or even DVR a lot of that stuff. (Here.)