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Cheaper than Rackshack?

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Are there any other places that offer dedicated servers for just a little (don't need like a free one or anything) cheaper than RackShack that is pretty good quality?
There are sub-$100 dedicated server offers. I couldn't recommend one place over another (nor can I think of any off the top of my head), however they do exist. There are also VPS (Virtual Private Servers), which are similar (you still get root and can install anything you need for the most part). These plans are generally $50 on up.
I think RackShack is the cheapest.
They offer 400gb.. I don't think other companies can off this for 100 dollars a month..
Rackshack is cheap, but, in many ways, you are getting what you pay for. If not less.

eservers.biz have skyhigh setup prices, and rock bottom monthly payments. averaged over a year it is cheaper than RS. I have never used eservers.biz before, so I cant comment on performance.

You basically have two choices economy or performance and service. if you want cheap go with RS or eservers.biz i doubt you will score better than that unless you have your own server to colo somewhere.

If you want performance there are countless other places to check out
i heard there is a german one which is cheaper than rackshack, but i forget the url :mad:
Actually eservers.biz servers are much better in quality that RackShack.net, thats why they have a higher setup.
RackShack's P4 special is just insane though. P4 1.7GHz, 1GB RAM, 2 60GB HD, and 600GB data transfer for $139. No one can compete with prices like that.

Perhaps you may find a provider that has an old box laying around that you could get for a low price, but you'l be lucky to find much of anything cheaper than RS.
Originally posted by Gayowulf
How is p4 as a server processor?
P4 as server = shit

If i had the choice, i'd choose dual or even single P3.

P4 is a performance chip, nothing else.
But still, for that price I'd take anything. Even seeing as they use Cogent, the bandwidth itself is still worth more than what they're charging.
I haven't seen a dedicated services cheaper and rackshack, most I've seen under $100 are co-location.
IF I convince my boss, I can colo for free :cool:

BTW, my work doesn't have the dual t3s anymore, we now have an full duplex OC-3. :D
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