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The area in which Intel has beat AMD, in my opinion, is that Intel chips can stand a little more pressure and heat. AMD chips are very sensitive to heat, pressure, etc.

I was doing private testing of AMD and Intel chips at my job, and we lots of things. Benchmarks, heat tests, etc. We decided to go with AMD Opteron chips for the workstations throughout the company because AMD chips:
  • Are Faster
  • Have large caches
  • Have greater scalability
  • Opterate better at lower frequencies
  • Supports large amounts of memory
  • Integrated DDR memory controller

For the pressure tests, we dropped new, out-of-the-box chips and popped them into a mobo to see if they worked. We did 5 tests, AMD worked 1/5 and Intel worked 4/5.

In almost all areas, AMD beats Intel, hands down.
Dell? Hmmm

Dell has Prices that Almost no local Store or home based business can compete with when it comes to low priced base model Computers. However they give you cheap monitors and other hardware to get these low prices then ultimately try to convince you to upgrade. At that point they start to be come pricey. Hint do not try to exchange the power Supply with a competitors Power Supply, they actually switch two wires in the supply, and if you try to plug in another PS you may fry the Motherboard. If you know which wires to switch you may be OK. Dell is like most Businesses in it for the money and they will want you to upgrade using their parts and they will give you great
Support to lure you in deeper. But that does not mean that they are bad, just good sales men.

As for Intel VS AMD well if you're a Gamer AMD for sure. But if your thinking about Video Editing or Design or burning DVD's, you may Want To consider Intel. Both have their strength and weaknesses. It will pay to do Your Research.

Well thats my imput
No way, Dell is terrible. they make cram all this big junk into your tower, everything gets over heated which causes failures in the system. I sadly bought me Dell PC because my father uses them at work and kinda like forced me to get them, he also got some EPP discount thing so we went with it.

Heres my theory, i call their support all the time complaining about the littlest noises inside the PC, they replace it. This helps because if your parts make even the sligest noise your PC could be going.

I had a very nice technician from BANCTEC, which is the company that Dell uses to provide at home service, come to my home and try and fix the problem with the noise i thought was coming from my DVD/RW drive, but it turned out that the noise was coming from two of the sections of the towers wall were clinging to each other when the PC fan, CD rom drive and anything else that vibrates started vibrating. So now I have to wait for slow old dell to ship a WHOLE new tower to the technicians main building and then he can come over and make sure that the problem is fixed.

Dell really has to get a grip becuase if everyone complains the way I do, then they will start to loose money with all these replacement parts they have to send.

I bought 4 years of support, at home service, accidental control ECT ECT ECT so my PC will probably break down, BUT im covered ;)
Oh by the way, the processor heat is not the problem, if dell put another fan in there and kinda slimmed out the size of their products then their would be enough cooling, though i do like the new cooling chamber thing under the front panel on the new models like the Dimension E150 which I am using, it near the processor so that should help a bit, but the thing has 2 fans, one for the power and one for just pusing hot air out, but their should be another fan in the front where the cooling chamber looking thing is. Dell has to work on their cooling and has to work on paying a few more bucks for some american speaking tech support because these indians may be cheap, but you cant understand them, and they really aren't trained they just read the FAQs basicly that are answered by one smart man that dell hired.
Sorry to post again but about what type of PC to buy, I totally suggest Acer. My old windows 95 PC survived through HELL. Im telling you that PC lasted me 8 years! My Dell dimension 4600 lasted basicly less than a year before it started breaking down. With acer i called their support 0 times it was the great. I also suggest HP. They don't use all AMDs you can get an Intel or an AMD PLUS they offer AMERICAN support!!!!!!!! WOW you can actually understand the people, and their alot faster with the support. For a few more bucks with HP you can get a whole lotta goodness. Oh and Emachines is owned by Gateway now so I am a bit iffy with Emachines now since my school has gateways and they are SLOW has heck.

Tree said:
Dell's philosophy is "Spend nothing on parts, spend millions of support". Parts are crappy, support is good. I do not recommend Dell computers.

I have had no problems with Gateway and HP computers.

I am sorry but both Gateway, HP, & Compaq are nothing but crap!. I currently have a dell laptop and a desktop and both work perfectly and their support is far more superior than any others.
Which Gateway and HP computers have you had? I probably shouldn't have said that HP was any good, since the only computer I got from them was a Vectra VL. And that was a LONG time ago.

I'm typing on a Gateway right now, it's great. Only problem I've had with is the power supply, which crapped out a few months ago. But I've had this computer for a good 6 years now, and computers aren't made to last forever.

I agree with you about Compaq. They just flat out suck.
Quite true. I would even agree that computers are not mean't to last forever. I can't remember the models that I have had beings it has been a few years but the computer and the support and everything were just no good with either 3 companies. Ever since I have had my Dell, I have experianced no problems whatsoever. However if you have a Gateway and it works for you then awesome. Just stating my opinion like always lol.
I hate the reliability on my Dell PC, seriously Dell may be good if you use your PC like no more than 2 hour a day and you turn it off, but if you use it ALOT and you dont turn it off the PCs gonna go in a year or two.

I still say Acer has the most reliable PCs.

I also stand by what I said with HP, I currently own one of their handhelds AND one of their Media Center desktops (HP Media Center m7248n Photosmart PC) which I got for my DJ company and It works excelent, i mean when im at a gig and its like 90 degrees in there, the PC keeps its cool, and I leave that PC on 24/7
I have had the PC for more than 6 months and I have never had to call tech support, no problems with their PC at all, but my Dell I have had since October 16th 2005 and its basicly falling apart.
well Imgoing to compliment dell for the first time ;). I had a tech guy come to my house to fix my PC once and for all, and boy i found out what the HUGH probem was. Dell gave me a bad case, so on tuesday hes comming to replace the case to stop all the noises and will help with the heat. He also replaced the DVD drive with a good working one. Now this was not dell that directly came to my house, it was BANCTEC which is like a computer technicion company. Anyway my PC should hopefully work good by wednesday. Thank you dell for doing something right!
I'd just like to add, i bought a dell pda off ebay for i think about $250, it was a x3i. To my surprise, the pda came with a great warranty (nextday replacement). The first time my pda broke, i called them, waited a few minutes on the phone for support, then came the tech guy, i explained the situation and they said they would send a new pda in and i'll just have to send the old one back and we would be set, so i wait and the next day, there it is, my new pda, i had a backup from the old one so i didnt really lose anything. So far, from that date to now, Dell has replaced atleast 8 pda's for me, most of them had problems i could have fixed if i tried but didnt want to take a chance, now, since i've had previous pissed off computer experience with dell, i decided to literally throw my pda on the ground so that it breaks and for them to replace it as a sort of revenge, damn did that feel good, i am on my 10th pda and will probably get a few more before the warranty expires in feburary. This way, even if it breaks right after the warranty ends, i have gotten my money's worth. :-D
Well actually today the tech agent come back and can you belive it, the part that was sent and took 5 days to get to the tech agent was the wrong part, so its been about 15 days and I still have that same noise because dell keeps messing up orders, boy I sure do hate this PC!!!!!!
You know what? I acually have to say that Dell support is a million times better than HP, god HP asked me for my credit card and said it would take a week to process a replacement part for my printer and then another week to send it, with Dell though the part is shipping RIGHT away and gets to my house within 2-3 days, SOMETIMES EVEN NEXT DAY. Dell may not make the best parts, but it sure is easy to replace them when the break. And alot of my PC never breaks!

A+++ Dell

I reccomend that you buy an extended warrenty when you buy their PCS though,