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dns zone editing

Blank Verse

alright, admittedly, I'm new at this, so hopefully this makes sense.

I recently bought a new domain with the intention of using my blogger account for that domain. I parked the domain on my current hosting plan and I'm trying to use the simple dns editor in my cpanel to get everything to point properly at my blogger.

Problem is the dns zone editing. I want my site to be accessible whether or not you enter the www before the domain name or not. Seeing as no one ever really uses www. anymore, I really don't want this to be an issue.

Unfortunately when I'm editing my dns zones, I'm told the simple dns editor cannot allow me to set my A name records to point to it this way, and I need have advanced zoneedit to accomplish this.

The CNAME records set fine, and my blog is accessible as long as you use the www. before the address, but I cannot fix the non www access without the A name record.

I don't have an advanced dns editor. I'm wondering if I'm ----ing something up here, or is this something I have to get my provider to do for me? (I tried opening a ticket with them but the e-mail seems to bounce everytime)

Any thoughts?
You should have an "A" record for the root that points to your IP (or the server's shared IP if you don't have a dedicated IP) and then have a CNAME record for the "www" that points to the root. When I say root, I mean:


so in this case I'm trying to point my blogger at it.

so in CNAME I have it set to

name: www.domain.com
record: ghs.google.com (as required by blogger for pointing at custom domains)

and when I try to add A Name I have:

name: domain.com
address: (ip addresses blogger gives, technically there's supposed to be 4, and I have to set a record for each one)

but when I set the A name it tells me there's an error and I can't do that in simple zone editor, I need the advanced.

Which I don't have in my cpanel.
Not really sure what to tell you. I don't have any experience with blogger. And everytime I edit DNS zones in cPanel, I do it from within WHM, so I really don't know about the simple DNS editor either. Sorry man.
I'm not an expert on this but can't you add an asterisk?

Perhaps, you need the assistant from your hosting provider. Your hosting provider will need to login to the server and change the setting.
yeah, I submitted a support ticket with my host, they added everything for me, then added the advanced editor in my cpanel.

Everything's peachy.

Although I still wonder if your idea would have worked Peo.