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Does IPB have a free version?

phpbb is to easy to hack. IPB or vbulletin is the best i have seen but they come at a cost.

The 2.0 trial is legal to use as well as 1.3 Final IF YOU ALREADY have a copy - but go ahead and get one from someone else. Not as if they would know when and where you got it ;)
:) Im lucky i already have the 2.0.0 trial :biggrin2:
And if you are just guna get som1 to send you one ,
just go get som1 to send you the brand new one , just as illigal/legal
T.M. said:
NO! Dont use phpbb.

use mybb, k4bb, anythingelsebbbutphpbb!

I know the creator of k4BB :)... he gave me a few pointers here and there on php but mostly told me to be quiet because I was asking too many times, rofl... but yeahg K4BB looks pretty much like vBulletin :D
I agree with stuffradio. k4bb does looks close enough like the same to vbulletin. I am thinking of using it for my entertainment company.
k4bb is a real copy of vb and is really good but if we wait for 5-6 months we will hav all patches and new versions of the software which will be really good.........
rfun said:
if you want Ipb Version 2.5 E-mail PM Me

Unless you buy that person a license then you are making an illegal transaction.

May I suggest to use http://spreebb.com another one of those IPB 1.3 hosts, but these boards are heavily modded.
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You are not allowed to redistribute. But I do distribute to my friends over MSN.