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Domain expiration and registering Q

Sain Cai

Beautiful Daddy
Basic Q is this:

I wish to purchase a domain that was set to expire today. The domain was used for a MMORPG that is halfassed in the way they do things, but was hoping to score the domain to resell to them at a ridiculous price (since the loss from people doing chargebacks and ad revenue/ticket sales would be far greater) mainly due to the treatment I received by their half assed support/administrators.

How long would I have to wait to get this, as the domain should be expired now, but their site seems to still be up and all the whois state the domain is expired?
Still a couple of months to go where they can rescue it :) and I wouldn't hold your breath, if it's a revenue stream they'll renew it before they even have to pay the full registrar fees...
I believe I read somewhere that the whole process can take up to 70 days from the point that the domain expired to the point where it's up for re-registry. There's a bunch of nonsense that goes on to allow for the domain owner to pay a prime rate to get the domain back. Then it'll be parked for a while. Hopfully nobody else has their eye on it or you might play hell trying to get it too.
If anyone does have their eye on it there are services that snap it up the split second it hits deleted, usually with the purpose of parking for ad revenue (they have no intention of developing it) or to sell it back for a stupid price, happened to me with one when I was out of action and I don't like people that do it :) although with mine I found out Nominet was looking at the company in question for more than one offence...
Looks like your SOL, at least until next time the domain renewal period is approaching. Maybe they'll miss it next time. I've had my eye on a few different domains that I've been waiting to expire too, but these --- wipe domain parking services keep renewing them each year and shuffling them around. Pisses me off.