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DotWorlds.net Offering Free Domains


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At their site, for a limited time, you can register up to three domains for free, this applies to all catagories.

It's pretty good, I just registered wandering.goddess, serene.designs, and angelic.anime for free.

They offer DNS as well, but I think the domains can only be registered up to one year...

sounds rollecking :D

but 4 some reason my activation code doesn't work
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In order for your website to actually work, the user needs to d/l the plugin. Not worth the time and d/ling.
What??? it means every visitor has to download their plug-in to view our site in their browser???? Thats ridiculous.

hello ......thanks for the info. I must say I took 2 free dotworlds domain names and they work fine. Process is not difficult. Forwarding is great/simple/quick and I can change it any time.

Also My friends can all see my new site (and I dont care about the other 50 million users who would want to visit my site anyway)

By the way, you DONT need any plugin to use the email addresses for these domains and they are unspammable
Try this if u like

Hello Melode

(Thanks TDL, I did check before and it is ok, there is no spyware/ adware etc etc at all in the plugin).

If you want try something here is www.bed.time that I set up for a friend...it sort of says everything about her relationship (the names of the parties are being witheld cos they are guilty ...of course)

Dont forget you need to upgrade your browser (download plugin on www.dotworlds.net) to view

Any problems let me know.

can you tell me where the plugin installs to?

i searched the add/remove programs in the control panel, but i can't find it
:/ Yeah, the plugin thing is annoying... but I suppose you could always make a gateway to the site telling the visitors to install the plugin to see the site, but I don't think most visitors would take the time to install the plugin.

Anyway, I changed my mind, I'll stick with my uni.cc domain for now.
uni.cc is good. DotWorlds is just a modified sub-domain type service, using a special server to operate those domains. No doubt when ICANN gets wind of this, things will go down a whole different direction.
I think the plugin is just called "dotworlds"

A friend of mine told me they are true top level domains bcause "wysiwyg" (whatever that means)

I have to admit I was a bit puzzled/worried at first but I went to check out some of their members websites (I found loads of examples on their website) and I saw there were from everywhere usa/europe/australia/china (or japan or something I can never tell) so I think it must be reasonably big

anyway i thought what the hell, it is all free (I like that sort of thing) so i run one website as two (in parrallel) and I can now be seen in both places by two groups on the interent for nothing extra. CAnt be bad. Now I need some free holidays