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DotWorlds.net Offering Free Domains

hangupnow said:
I think the plugin is just called "dotworlds"

A friend of mine told me they are true top level domains bcause "wysiwyg" (whatever that means)

I have to admit I was a bit puzzled/worried at first but I went to check out some of their members websites (I found loads of examples on their website) and I saw there were from everywhere usa/europe/australia/china (or japan or something I can never tell) so I think it must be reasonably big

anyway i thought what the hell, it is all free (I like that sort of thing) so i run one website as two (in parrallel) and I can now be seen in both places by two groups on the interent for nothing extra. CAnt be bad. Now I need some free holidays

WYSIWYG=What you see is what you get

How does that have anything to do with a domain? Obviously what you see is what your going to get.

I don't trust any domain such as this. Dot.tk is another example. It's slow and contains popups. People tell me you can turn it off and I had an account and trust me they still have pop unders. I would just get the $10 for a real trustworthy domain name. I mean come on it's only $10 for an entire year.

I wouldn't go to any site that asked me to download something in order to see it. I just click the little red X in the top right corner. ;)
Hi there

Yes sorry, perhaps I was not very clear.

I suppose to give you an example...and I will try and think of a better one later.....is that when you get an email that is masked. For example, you can get an email from what looks like "sex_kitten"...however, it is really from granny_jane1234@hotmail.com (which may or may not be a disappointment)

with these domains from dotworlds, they are top level domains..FOR example the address www.bed.time is EXACTLY that . I know you need a browser upgrade, but I downloaded it checked it out and it really works great. there is loads of new websites around I have never seen before. I understand if you dont wnat to have a go but if it makes a difference you can unsitall it in the add remove programmes in your control panel

anyway hope this helps :bandit2:
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install plugins?

no thanks.

if there was no virus, key logger, email spammer or anything like that in the plugin, they wouldent have a reason to have the plugin in the first place.

i suggest you all stay away from them.
I am not an expert by any means but this is really not the case. the reason for the plugin is only so your browser has access to another part of the internet

1) I have the plugin. I have checked it. it is absolutely fine. the is NO spyware/adware or anything like that...and just to be on the safe side, I have rechecked it with Norton - nothing, nada, zip etc

2) The dotworlds appears to work as a parallel universe (for the internet) with new and extra content. It is clear from their website that there are many users all over the world doing this now.

With all due respect to someone who has far more experience than me...I think the concerns that you express are an overreaction....very understandable with what is going on all aorund the web at the moment. But if people had been worried about all new innovation, we would still be using the telephones to check ipod prices instead of the internet :knockedou
What problems did you have? other than seeing loads of new websites I never seen before, everything is the same for me

well with the plugin i still wasnt able to view the websites. and i dont liike how it changes windows ie error messenge i like it saything this page cannot be found but it says sumthing out and it looks weird

what domain did u try. Try this one I saw www.groovy.baby or this one (but I think it is partly in japanese and not want you would think it is aboit - so if u have a langauge pack www.mini.mi or even www.eminem.encore

these are all demos on the dotworlds site although it seems some of the domains list are still to be set up by some of their customers (there is a note to that effect shown under the list of samples - you can see on www.dotworlds.net (at the botton left hnd side of page - each time u refresh the page u get another list of examples)