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Dream Host 7.5 mill mistake

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LOL i have always disliked them. I dont like the way they talk about everything light heartedly and jokey. its a business, not a playground.
OK, What kind of STUPID stuff up is that?! How can you bill $7.5 Million and then make jokes about it....

I wonder how many customers they'll lose over this :D
Uhh is that all their clients right there?

That's a lot right there... wouldn't be good for them to shut down after a billing mistake like that.
Probably all of them lol like andy said, imagine how many people may have overdrawn due to the unexpected bill, that could have incurred charges from thier bank... I personally would leave them for something like that. if i was ever drunk and half asleep enough to sign up with them in the first place.
I bet he feels like a right idiot now. Luckily for their customers, they'll all be refunded and if they've incurred any credit card charges because of their mistake, they'll refund that back too.
I'm waiting for the customers not to get that $7,000,000 back and the owner will just run away, lol (Hope that doesn't happen)

Anyway, WHAT!!! $7 MILLION!!!! And something like that you should never make a joke out of!
makes me angry they're trying to blame the programmer for allowing them to enter future dates.
no really it wouldn't. and i certainly don't think anyone here would be stupid enough to post such an arrogant blog post about it!
Well, that might happen to anyone here, they have refunded and apologized...

Honestly, its great they are refunding -- mistakes do happen, but when you post on your company blog making it a big joke, thats just rude to the clients. They end up "overcharing" by 7.5 MILLION to all of their clients, they say they will refund, then start joking about it? Comeon! You are supposed to be a stable, reliable, TRUSTWORTHY host -- not some host that makes a mistake and jokes about it like it's no big deal at all.
90% of the customers were just preauthorized and never charged. It wasn't a 7.5 million dollar mistake. Overall, this sort of thing has happened at GoDaddy a couple years ago and Hostgator.

Neither host ever publicly admitted it to all of their customers. You shouldn't down a company for it - you should be appreciative they are honest enough to admit their mistakes.

gr-andy said:
It appears they over billed there clients up to 2 years in advance. That will really do harm on peoples credit reports for over drafting. Glad I have all my hosting with my GeekRack.

This looks more like a plug for G**KRack than actually a topic about Dreamhost

As for joking about it: If you have read any post that DH has ever put up, it is common knowledge, that is just Josh. Dreamhost is known for their charisma and upbeat attitude, no matter the situation. If they weren't many customers would be much more concerned. Excellent company with excellent support and absolutely one of the most honest hosts out there. Mistakes happen. Just because they have 150k+ clients doesn't mean they won't make mistakes either. 10 Years in the business without a billing error that overcharged, until now? Guaranteed - most of you will wish you have the same record. I sure hope I do.
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