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Does anyone have a server with them? Are their connections truly unmetered/unlimited (yeah, I know about 'unlimited' and whatnot) but they seem reputable and all. Is it worth the 10$ to upgrade from 10Mbps to 100Mbps? Also, are they managed (As in they install PHP, mySQL, and everything you need to run a site)? Comments would be appreciated :)
I have a server with them.

At this time I would recommend looking for another solution, due to the fact that their network has been very slow lately (probably due to oversaturating it).

Yes, it is unmetered.

Their servers are unmananged, meaning you install everything yourself, unless you buy your control panel through them, then they will install it.

I'm rather p*ssed off at FDC at the moment too because of certain events, but I won't go into detail about that.
Tazzman is correct. My brief experience with an FDC reseller was also poor.

Look somewhere else.

spelled 'an' wrong
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From what I understand those new pipes will only be used for new customers, meaning exhisting cutomers are still stuck on the oversaturated pipes they are on. I also wonder how long it will take them to oversaturate the new pipes. When I asked Petr he told me that their connection isn't at it's full capacity at this time, but anybody that has a server there will tell you how f*cking slow the connection has been over the past month and it keeps getting worse.

It took them 2 days to install CPanel after they originally started the install. The tech stopped half way through the install on day one and kept me waiting till over 24 hours later to finish it. All I got from FDC about this (and this is an exact quote from an email) was 'your servers was running, wasn't it?). They somehow failed to see why I could be mad over the fact CPanel was only half installed and I couldn't add any sites to it for 48 hours.

For 4 months I recommended FDC to a lot of people as I received excellent uptime, speed and tech support, but it has now seriously gone down the drain.

UPDATE: CPU issue resolved, now trying to get something done about the speed...
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Thanks for your input, Tazzman, I really appreciate it :) And if possible, could you keep me posted if they fix the speed problem? Thanks.
Actually Petr has been very willing to work on it. They're currently running tests on my box (they had me setup a test ftp account) and are trying to find out where the slowdown is an fix it. I get speeds of 6 MB/s and more on the internal network , it's speed outside of the network to the internet that has been bad. They are now also working on their routers to improve speed. I'll post an update once they have finished working on the issues at hand.

Another little update: Petr and his techs have been going beyong the call of duty that last 2 days to try and fix my problems. They have a few possible sollutions they are going to try on my server. It may have taken a while to get them on to the issue, but now they're on it, boy are they on it :)
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