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FireFox 4?

The actual tab only has one processes, but the extensions have their own process, same with the plugins. If you press shift+escape it will bring up Chromium's internal mask manager, which shows what each process is.
Yup, FF 4 is much better when compared with memory leaks in FF 3 (at least for me)
the thing which really sucks, is the poor compatibility of various addons at this early stage of release ...
and i was kinda expecting this compatibility issue, because it happened with prior versions of FF too.
hopefully, this will be copped up in the coming days & it will be a better browser like it always was!
The best solution is in time. Wait until they will work on solving compatibility issues, or your addons will be updated to work with the new Firefox.
Yeah they should have it in some updates for the program shortly.

No browser is perfect... certainly not the others I've used... whether it's IE, Opera, or Chrome.
FF4 is an even worse memory hog than ff3. Chrome still is the speed king but it lacks a boatload of features. As far as extensions go, they still suck and that tiny button area is a piss poor addon bar on chrome.

You can compare speeds of the different browsers here arewefastyet.com
I have a hard time believing that the final copy of FF4 is quite as bad a memory hog as FF3. They have promised more improvements in FF5, and they decided not to lock the release so long this time to push out individual features & improvements.

FF4 def has a weird quirk when you close it, but I think it restores the memory used at that time.
Are you seeing the high memory usage on the latest version of Chrome? If you press Shift + Esc then you should be able to see which pages/plugins etc are using the most CPU/RAM/Bandwidth.

I'm using 4 tabs in Chrome and memory usage is around 100MB at the moment.
I am still with my firfox 3 because most of my add-ons are not working with firefox 4. :(

Is there any solution for it?

Browse to your Firefox profile's extension folder e.g. C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[unique id].default\extensions
Open extension folder
Open install.rdf
Change the value between <em:maxVersion> and </em:maxVersion> to 4.0
Expect issues :D


ALSO! excess memory usage is not a problem. Excess CPU usage IS a problem. Basically power will run through memory (RAM) whether there is anything written to it or not. So memory not used is memory wasted.
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I switched over the day it was released after checking it out. Was using Chrome before. Seems to play better with dark GTK themes and has less of a memory leak than FF3. Chrome is glitchy sometimes, too. I couldn't leave a chrome window open overnight because it would freeze later.

I never had that issue with chrome, the only issue I found with chrome is a lot of sites was not compatible with the browser and some sites would not update there site to support chrome. As for FF4 I love it I have been a fan for firefox since version 2.
Firefox 4 is the best Browser . It utilize the least amount of memory and the booting speed is very fast compared to IE and chrome. And also Firefox is the safe browser.