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Firefox or IE?

Do not like IE. The only purpose I may use it - to go online for the first time and download another browser. Usually it is Firefox.
What is with all these badly translated, most likely, spam accounts in this thread?
I prefer using the firefox because this is my favorite web browser so that working speed on firefox is fast and smoothly work.
The very first web browser i used is IE 6, then Firefox, then Safari, then Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is much user-friendly. I like the interface the most. It is the leader of web browser. See, Firefox 4 is following Google Chrome's UI now! But, Google Chrome tends to use much PC resources, so I always open 3 web browsers at the same time and close the tab that unused to minimize the PC resources.
Ofcourse firefox.
I hate about IE since i use the IE 7 and 8 which always not responding and not secure.
It very weak to block those pop up even it able to support lot of website.

After i use Firefox, i in love with the plug in . Brand new firefox evii en run faster like Google Chrome and got lot of feature much more like Google Chrome. That why i prefer Firefox. Among 100 %, 70 percent of my client are using firefox.
havent we all had this discussion a number of times in the past?

i prefer FF, ONLY because of the developer toolbar, firebug and some of the tools that just arent as goon in Chrome. Safari is coming along well on some extensions now, so, who knows, i may pull from FF sometime in the future.
lol, you do realize that safari is faster loading than FF (browser load time), it is more CSS3 and HTML5 ready than FF and uses less memory? Safari may have not been a great browser a few year back, but, it has had major improvements and is pretty freakin amazing now days.

that being said, chrome is faster all around.
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I like Firefox with the web developer extension/toolbar, enables you to validate html, css online and offline, turn css on and off, outline block level elements, tables, turn everything on and off, zoom in and out, small screen rendering ... also the colour picker is great.
I went from IE to Opera, but Firefox is for me
welp switched over from firefox to chrome. hate to say it cause i've used ff forever but chrome is better.
That's just a matter of opinion and doesn't really mean anything. Please post some hard evidence on why firefox is superior to IE and then I will be more inclined to take you seriously.
Good point. The only reason I have Firefox is that with Internet Explorer it seems to be limited in the length of posts I can make in Discussion Forums. When I go past a certain number of rows it jumps back while I am writing below a certain line. I was then advised to try Firefox and that solved my problem. So for the Forum posting with my favourite Free Host, where I sometimes write longer posts, I use Firefox and for everything else Internet Explorer. I find Firefox loading slower than Explorer for the initial page, so much easier to use Internet Explorer that is faster in comparison. In discussions with friends they seem to like Firefox for all its add-ons, bells and whistles. I don't really need any of that.
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