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I am trying to put up my first BB, and am still deciding if I should host it on my own site or look at a remotly hosted BB.

Now I know that there are several different choices, but what I am looking for is one that is easy to use (I have limited knowledge of PHP, MySQL etc), and customisiable, as I want the colours/graphics to match back into my site and to fit into what myboard is based around (an aussie fan group).

What I am looking for is recommendations on which is the best way to go and which is the better of the BB available (for free - unfortunalty I can't afford to pay for anything just at the moment - poor struggling student)

thanks in advance
There are dozens of threads on the subject if you use the search function. ;)

I have looked at most of the threads on this topic and they don't seem to have the exact answer i'm looking for.

I like the style of Invasion Board and phpBB2 and am looking for something customisable. I would prefer to have it remotly hosted as I can't afford to pay for my web hosting and you know all the rules and regs that the free web hosts have...lol

At the moment fir a temporary BB I'm using the DK#.com version on phpBB2 - but it is completly uncostimisable, even though it claims that is can be customised when you sign up - they don't specifiy that customisation features are only available to paying members - kinda of stupid when you can get phpBB for free and customise it if you host it on your own site - which I mey end up doing, it just means that I have to move my site from a free host that I am very happy with.

The biggest thing I am concerened with whether i choose a remote hostd BB or not is that it is easy to use (no prior knowledge needed) and easily customisable - I really don't want to be stuck using sub-silver or the like forever
Remotely hosted forums aren't easy customizable, go to the Free webspace forums to look for a host with PHP and MYSQl and you can install a phpBB2 there hopefully.

thanks to everybody - I have decided to use phpBB, and have found a new host that will allow me to host it myself - something new to play with for a bit now! At least I can try and customise it now and not have to have that subsilver style for too much longer :)
Originally posted by trenzterra
Remotely hosted forums aren't easy customizable, go to the Free webspace forums to look for a host with PHP and MYSQl and you can install a phpBB2 there hopefully.

I've found that remotely hosted forums have better control panels. Though they not be as flexible (even though some are allowing users to choose and install hacks), they are just so much more reliable. In addition, hosts offering MySQL have frequent downtimes and are more prone to death. As for remote hosts, they rarely have downtimes except for scheduled ones, and most of the time, they temporarily move users to another server. Hosting a message board on a free host is the cardinal sin of web designing, as far as I'm concerned.

Nemain, I recommend that you change your mind before it's not too late. :confused2
Thnks for all your advice - I've decided to stay with the remotly hosted board at the moment - and am trying to save up to pay for my own site - the biggest concern I have is that with my bb only having been up for a couple of days I've got a large number of members and posts, ah well hopefully that won't be too much of a problem