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Free file host list [merged]

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quicksharing said:
http://www.quicksharing.com 500MB each file, powered by 9 servers, 900mbit connection line, 18000GB space!

cant c anything except the site code

<title>QuickSharing.com Free File Hosting 500MB</title>
<meta name="robots" content="index, follow, all"> 
<meta name="keywords" content="file share, share file, free file share, share files, free webhosting, webspace, Web-Hosting, Hosting, Server, Website, script, scripts, Internet, Webhosting, download, files, free download, free downloads, mp3, movies"> 
<meta name="description" content="Quickly share your file with your friends and family for free, blazing fast speed and user friendly. Use quicksharing.com for free file hosting 500MB each file unlimited times!">


<!-- Begin
var howMany = 9;  // max number of items listed below
var page = new Array(howMany+1);


function rndnumber(){
var randscript = -1;
while (randscript < 0 || randscript > howMany || isNaN(randscript)){
randscript = parseInt(Math.random()*(howMany+1));
return randscript;
quo = rndnumber();
quox = page[quo];
// End -->
X3r0X said:
I really can't see the purpose in anyone trying to sell "premium accounts" on their file hosts. Unless you are getting hundreds of thousands of unique hits a day and its used by ALOT of people, you won't sell a single account. How many people do you even think buy rapidshare's premium account? I can tell you now, not many!

I'm sorry dude, but you obviously have no idea what you are talking about, not only do I but thousands if not 10's of thousands of people have rapidshare premium accounts, try joining a warez forum, and post a thread saying how many pay for a premium account, I garentee you will be suprised.

Also you say you must be big, well I own a small filehosting site of my own, and I already have 15 premium users that pay 10 dollars a month. Maybe you should look this stuff up before you pull stuff out of your ---.
InternetFiles - Free File Hosting
Max. 40MB
Your file will be hosted forever! (Deleted only if there is not even one download for more than 30 days.)

SuperUploader.com Host Your Files Online Saftely & Securly All types of files Allowed
Max. 100MB

Mp3mX.Net -- Free 1 Click File Hosting !
Max. 300MB
• Mp3mX is a free file hosting service. Feel free to upload your files here!
• Our Servers are Windows based and have a speed of upto 100Mbps!
• Unlimited File downloads (Deleted if not downloaded even once for 30 days)!
• All File Types Accepted!
• Mutiple downloading supported!
• Splitted archives accepted!!

file types allowed : gif,jpg,jpeg,png,pdf,txt,doc,rtf,zip,7z,rar,mpeg,avi,wmv,mpg,php,html,package,mp3,mp4

also can request what file type you wanna upload just pm me

file size limit : 550 MiB

Currently does not have expired days

use direct links..
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Did I mention fasterupload.com already?
250 MB Max file size... files NEVER deleted unless it does not agree with TOS...
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