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Free servers from Byzhosting.com

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We are giving out a few free servers with the following specs.

Celeron 1.7Ghz
512 MB RAM
40 GB Hard Drive

What's the catch? sponsor link/banner on whatever project you are planning to do with these servers.

We will supply the bandwidth, IP or if you require any control panel, we will supply them too. CPanel, Ensim, Plesk, or any other commercial software, vBulletin, etc... you name it.

If you are interested, PM me with your project details or what you intend to do with the server. Legal purposes only please, no adult oriented projects, no IRC related allowed. Don't forget to include your name and email address so we can contact you.

an update: Deadline is 19 February, we will review each PMs and email the selected applicants if they are choosen.
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sounds good but will you host websites if so do you support Real audio and how much bandwidth?:)
Thank you for all applicants, we received a large number of requests. We will be reviewing them one by one, so the more detailed the information is, the better.

Abush: we provide all the bandwidth you need; in a sense you have un-metered transfer.

Note: You may not use this server to resell them for profit.
Jeez, the things which can be obtained for free through this offer are better than some paid hosting offers. Do you seriously have the money and resources to do this?
Thank you for all the applicants, we will be reviewing them all one by one. You will receive a pm by 17th of february if we like your idea but lack information and will receive a pm by 19th of february if you are selected.

For those that was wondering, yes we have the resources to do this :)

For those that pmed, we need to review all applicants before we hand out the servers so please do not spam us. Your application will be reviewed. You may send us updated information but do not spam us to give out the server before dateline.
Originally posted by Lovellz
Can we run programs on the Sever , like IRCD to make IRC servers (just and example)

Very good question :) No you may not :) I will update the info above.
Originally posted by Vegs
Very good question :) No you may not :) I will update the info above.

Thankz for covering that :)

I wasn't planning on running a process on the server anyways (if i get it :) ). i was just wondering it was possible, no dedicated server site seems to have answer to that :p

Also the banners/links the people will be adding to there sites, are they to be displayed on everypage?

Can we host domains on the server too :D ?
Yes text link needs to be displayed in every page, it's either banner, or text or for any other projects, a message every x amount of minutes would be nice.

Yes you may host domains on these servers.
We are having a series of banner designed for all known banner sizes and buttons. For text link it would be something like

Proudly Sponsored by Byzhosting Network
We prefer to use our banner/button. We paid quite a sum for them and would like to make full use of it.
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