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Girls ?

1 girl?
i think there are more but they do not want to answer.(sitting there and reading this thread)
oooo komon girls.
i think and coolguy thinks(i think)too there are more than one.
There's one thing about girls that bugs me.... None of them will go out with me, haha. (By the way I'm a 15 y/o single male that likes computers and classic rock)...

Sorry, had to get my plugs in. (and NO I'm not talking about hair, sorry girls ;))
May i ask as to why this matters?

I suppose soimtime soon we will have some dating happening. :rolleyes: or maybe sexist jokes. Whatever.
It doesnt really matter, but people need to know these things in order to survive there day to day tasks. I myself would not have been able to go on much more than a few days without knowing there were actually female members here. Make sense now? Of course not. Some people just like prying into matters that are of no business to them. Thats the way they are and thats why we have things like the National Enquirer. You see, some people lack what we call a "Life" and in order to make up for there lack of a "Life" they need to pry into others. I hope I havent offended anybody, Im just telling it like it is :) Peace...
I think it's just a computer thing... Hosting is the same. I can count the women hosts I know on one hand while the guys are everywhere... It's changing though (for the better I think).

Greg Moore
Yes... I AM a girl...

Actually a WOMAN is more like it...
21 years old...


and have a 14 month old son... :D

I'm not available... LOL