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Gmail vs Hotmail - Which is better?

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Gmail is hot favorite because everybody know about of Google and gmail is Google's service. But some unknown users about of internet . He/she don't know that Hot mail.
My first mailing account was on Hotmail, and still has, but now my business account is on gmail, as there are so many integrated applications like Google Doc, which really makes difference.

I also use both. I use gmail for commerical posts or personal business posts and hotmail for personal e-mails. I also use Yahoo. For me they are all basically the same in total. For some or other (perhaps irrational) reason I'm always worried about Google with its clever bots. So keep my accounts with Google as impersonal as possible.

I too agree with that,better we can go for Gmail account....
I want badly to use hotmail but its just too buggy. Windows live is too restrictive and its too hard to add emails to the account, especially if you already have that email in use. The interface hangs up, when you try to change calendar events you lose communication with the server. When you edit a calendar event the calendar will reset back to the current day even if your event was 2 months down the road. This is annoying if your going through your calendar to make changes.

Gmail is smooth and seemless. Never have any buggy issues or hangups.
My vote is with gmail. I think gmail is simple and moreover it helps in prevention of spam. Other features are also good like blogging with same account etc.
Although I have both, I haven't used them in a long long while. When I tried my Hotmail account after a few months of not checking it, it came up with something nonsensical that there had been a strange activity in my account, and that I have to provide my cell number to reactivate it. After long searches, where I discovered many other disgruntled users, I finally found a way around it and managed to reinstate my account via e-mail. I did have to answer a bunch of questions that really floored me. I opened the account in 2001. How am I supposed to remember everything that is in there? Gmail just got so many spam posts. When I opened it I mostly used it for commercial purposes like registering in a Forum etc. My preferred e-mail at the moment is Yahoo. When I checked it today I couldn't help but marvel that there were no spam posts in it. These are two fairly new accounts I opened a year ago. One is rocketmail.com, which had been new at the time. And the other yahoo. I chose Yahoo just by fluke as I thought all these kind of accounts would be the same, but for now Yahoo seems to be the better of the lot. Google feels a little bit more invasive, but then that may just be because I'm blindly anti-Google.
I've been using GMail for years since they first opened up. Guess I've gotten used to it as I haven't been back to Hotmail since.
I personally think Hotmail interface is somewhat cumbersome in comparison to Gmail, but this ultimately comes down to which one you've used more regularly. The one added benefit that Gmail has over hotmail is the ability to use Gmail services for your own domain to host the emails, which I don't hotmail provides, although I could be wrong.
I had some problems lately with Hotmail because can't attach anything to email from Firefox browser etc, it's primary email service I use, probably should switch to Gmail, but am used to Hotmail too much.
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