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Google Adsense sucks bigtime


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I viewed the messages in this forum and went ahead with
adsense but it sucks big time. I have had 5000 impression &
20 or so clicks. The amount made is only $0.64, with pop-up
banners I could have made $5 or with clickagents before
I used to make 10c a click, for much more then adsense.

Any recommendations on a good & highly paying ad agents.

No scammers please.........


that's odd. mine is fine. i get dollars for 20 clicks. i won't say exactly how much because i think it's against adsense policy.
Adding Ads

Heya! im 14, and i want ads on the footer of my forum and main page...

but i cant sign up for any paid ads....

anyone want me to put an ad on my website for theres?

but i want to check it out first :)

unless you tell em where i can paid ads where they send you money via the mail...

wow adsense really sucks, i get around 1000 visitors a day and about 10 clicks per day and i only got $3.62 this month, Lol I guess i'll go with chitika
I don't think your understanding the click through rate and other factors

I make car payments with my adsense

Can any one explain how adsense works, I mean it really sucks, am getting
allot of impressions and clicks but still the revenue is not increasing.

Is there any other providers who can beat adsense.

Am in australia but the ads are asian but I get viewers from
US & other places

It is not based on the amount of impressions you get, it is based on the amount of clicks you get, but more importantly, whos ads are shown on your site. So what I'm saying is if you show ads by publisher who are cheap, you won't make much, but if your ads show publishers with high paying clicks, you will be rich in a few clicks.

For example:

My ads are about toliet sales at home depot:
They are paying bare minumum ($.05/click)

I get 20 clicks that is $1 in a month which isn't vey good

Now I changed my ads and they show info about cancer:
They are paying A fair amount ($2/click)

I again get 20 clicks, that is $40 in 1 month which is a whole lot better

See it is more based on how well you do with your ad targeting and what your site content is.
Adsense is really one of the best programs, next to Yahoo.

Please note that everything above is made-up data.
supersonic is 100% right... As long as you keep the TOS adsense is the best program although i've not tried YPN yet.:)

The payout will definitly based on the content of your pages. The medical and Technical fields pays more.. Subjects related to Domain registration and webhosting are really treasures.. The FWS admin knows that well.. :)
I have today 10 Clicks , and $5.26 which i consider good. Some clicks get me $0.05, some get me ( ive had one for $4.00 ) it varies on who clicks it, where from, and what ad is showing i guess.
It also depends on the content of your site as to whether paying ads are shown. If you just whacked the code on a site with the hope of making money, say with all images, you will be showing non paying ads. But then if the site had little or no content, I wonder why google even approved it.
Google for me was probabily the best paying site, Ive earned well over $1300 for about 4000 clicks. What I like about it is the ads show according to your content, and thats how I get my clicks.
Google Adsense is definitely the most trustworthy program, and as I just recieved my first ever payment of $ 250 a couple of days back, i'm clearly delighted :)