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Here I go.... Help needed with picking host

Well, I couldn't tell you if they are good or not, however just in general...

If you were to tell me that you had $6,000 and wanted to buy a new car, you'd have a grand total of exactly 1 choice to pick from. Every other car would be out of that price range. Would it be good? It would be good considering it is a new car and you didn't leave yourself any other options.

When you have high requirements and a low budget, you're not going to have that many choices (if a choice), and you're going to get what you pay for. If reliablity is a concern, lower your requirements and enable yourself to have more choices. If it isn't a concern, then you have a provider who matches your needs, go with them.
But how do you know if a host is reliable? I could be very expensive and still be very unreliable.

Thats why I ask here... maybe some people with experiences with these hosts or hearth something about them...
Originally posted by AttiDude
But how do you know if a host is reliable? I could be very expensive and still be very unreliable.
You are correct. More expensive doesn't necessaily mean more reliable. I'll let members with experience make suggestions (as I don't use a shared host).
Verio is very expensive, so they should offer great services and they are one of the biggest around. Its more than $10 per gig of transfer, I'd find it hard indeed to make money off that.
Hi AttiDude,

You have to try to find out whether a host is reliable.. if you are not sure, make sure you sign up with those with trial period and do not tight you for a year (for instant) and worst case, you can dump and move on (only have to load and reload to new host).

good luck in your search!