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How many here have paid accounts they are not using?


Level 8 Chinese Guy
So I've had this windows account with gate2vn.net for like 2 years now and I have not really touched it. Its a account with 500mb space and 20 GB bandwidth with .NET and MYSQL support. I keep paying for it each month and plan to continue doing so just in case I might want to delve deeper into .NET.

Was wondering how many of you are like me and have accounts you are not using?


New Member
Never been that mad, if i know im not going to use resources i just dont buy them certainly web servers. However general paid hosting accounts i have quite a few of but that's because im too lazy at times to cancel th subscription lol :D

Jun Luzon

Fine Traders
The Japanese people are always after productivity and efficiency. They will certainly kill me for a resource not in use. So even if we have the luxury to afford it, it will never happen.


New Member
I have a reseller account that I'm not really using, well two of them..
I'll be putting them to good use some time soon.


I have a couple of them - it's not that I don't really use them, but I might have one-page AdSense sites up on them, or something of that sort.


New Member
I got a linux dedicated server lieing around and a windows VPS that are out of use... waste of money... hopeless hosts...


Premium Member
I have
3 IRCd Shells
2 Hosting Accounts

Im using
1 IRCd Shell.
0 Hosting Accounts.
I am lazy and havnt got around to sorting it all out yet :p


Staff member
I have 2 paid hosting accounts
1 dedicated server and 2 vps servers
that are sitting around and doing nothing They are there just as backups incase my main ones go down I can move them over with minimal downtime and have no real issues.


New Member
We have a VPS for backups and downloads. Its not really active, though. We hve someone accessing it for free, but if you want it I can offer it..


New Member
i have one dedciated server lying around on a 10mbps umetered port out of LA
and i have one reseller account which i never really bothered to use because it is only 8.50 a month, i use it to test service

and i also have one vps lying around somewhere

come to think of it i waste way too many resources, but like internalx I AM LAZY and DAMN PROUD


The Debian Lover
I need a small Debian or CentOS VPS to test a a new ISPConfig script on a dedicated IP. Care to share :p.


The Debian Lover
heh - I can help you out.

Contact me.

Wow man thanks for the offer. I can't really use it yet, I'm still tying up loose ends with Ruby on Rail and trying to figure out why my IPB board isn't gernerating skin cache id's upon installation. Plus I don't ahve a spare domain to route to it (I'm jsut using DynDns for my test server). But seriously, thanks for offering :).


Level 8 Chinese Guy
if you people are so anxious to piss money away just order some things from me and I'll take it

No, I like to order paid hosting and then not use it and then come here and laugh at all the pathetic people who need such resources but can't afford them because I'm evil like that. :devious2:

Actually I just haven't had time to use my $4.95 ASP.NET/MYSQL account yet.