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How to tell people what overselling is?


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I really dont know but why people buy from overselling host. The best possible answer is that they dont know what "overselling" is. :|

To webhosting co.'s (who dont oversell) : How do you tell your clients?

Help me.

Thank you.
well, you can't not go with a huge company and not exspect overselling. nearly 80% of hosts would oversell, even if it is just a fraction on their shared hosting. the dedicated/VPS don't need to oversell.

and to tell your clients, you just say you don't oversell.
they can only take your word for it. (but you can state that too in the ToS)
It's simple really and a good question well put.

The huge companies can actually afford to increase disk space and transfer (usually they have SAN networks & bandwidth providers so that's not a problem).

Other companies have to measure usage, which might seem like over selling but is actually calculated to ensure the resources.

On the other hand some just blatently offer silly amounts and they are obvious.
Tell them that big companies sell more resources collectively to customers than they really have.

A lot of people won't believe you because they think you are lying to them. It really isn't their fault, the big companies have confused everybody with their huge, almost definitely oversold, and relatively cheap packages.

EDIT: But keep in mind, the big companies are so big that even if they are running out of resources, they can afford to get another server, upgrade some hardware, etc.
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Most newbie site owners just follow the big numbers in hosting offers and unfortunately don't care about the quality. All they want is to have a decent uptime for their small website and to use some software applications.

If any web host has stable hardware and any good control panel... al they need is to heavily advertise their overselling service and to get many people paid to praise them for how good they are. You can see both fake and paid hosting reviews anywhere around the web and that helps some hosts to get recognition of their names.

Well one day they wake up with a pile of problems, overloaded servers, unhappy customers and etc. but anyone deals with this on their own way... but they already got some money.

The good thing is that more and more people are concerned that overselling harms the business on both sides - providers and consumers!
Think of it as going to your local corner shop and buying your chosen soap powder for eg, then going to your supermarket and you get more for less money.

Larger supermakets can do that becase they are a large established buisness so drive prices down low.

Large hosts do the same, they can upgrde there servers at any time, hostgator for eg really big overseller but they are a brilliant host imo!
Yes, the really big hosts that are established can get away with overselling due to economies of scale, but you shouldn't trust any new paid host that offers 300 gb space / 3000 gb transfer because it's usually a scam!
but you shouldn't trust any new paid host that offers 300 gb space / 3000 gb transfer because it's usually a scam!
Not all new paid host that offers such DS/BW is a scam. Just some of them. Silly scammers, because of them all the new honest paid hosting got a bad rep. :tired2:

Tell them this concept.

Do you have a kitchen for every person in your house? No, because not everyone is going to cook food at the same time.
Eclouds, nice example, really. But that is little bit different view. I think that overselling related issues depends on the company which provide service. I
The easiest way to explain this is... SELLING MORE THEN YOU HAVE!

Selling 300GBs when you only have 100GBs and then upgrading later when you really have too!