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I need volunteer help on my site


NLC Honorary Member
I need some volunteers to help me on my PCShopper.org website. I just need people to help with marketing, need help with posting deals, and need help moderating the forums. We are very small now, averaging about 50 uniques a day. I am looking to grow it though. There is no incentive at this time, just a good opportunity to get involved if you have some spare time.

John Stille
I'd be willing to take some of my time wasted online and use it instead to help you out with whatever you may need.

Let me know if you want my assistance.

Just contact me on AIM: NCSUjcs basically it would just be adding pc deals (usually grabbed from dealsites around the net, except our is redone to be original).

Thanks for the response. I know it is tough to get volunteer help.
Yes i know that TDLInternet, but as I've said before, whats the main objective/goal - i know its to do with pc deals - but there are so many over the internet, believe me i can dig out about atleast a 100, what does pcshopper offer that;s different? Or what uniquness does pcshopper have than these other established site - or is it a mere personal aim of having a site - i'm thinking of short/long-term help here & have a solution for Epgs. :)
My goal, is this. Other sites have two problems. SlickDeals, Fatwallet, etc... they cover everything. When you look for a good deal they are either covered with ads, or the deals are mixed with deals on clothes, or sheets. Personally, I had to flip through like 5 pages of deals everytime I went. I need a simplification of my search process. I feel that by splitting out a seperate area/site for pc deals would make peoples lives easier. PCShopper will focus on what are considered hot deals, only relating to PC's. We don't want a ton of ads either. If we get big enough, I might place ads to pay for some good hosting, but I never like to see trash on websites. It clutters. It is a central place, unlike the other sites to be concentrated. The only reason people will be looking to come to pcshopper is if they are looking for a new computer, new hard drive, etc... It doesn't make sense to go to a site that makes it very difficult to find the deals you are looking for.

I am not one to care about being able to say, oh I am cool and run a website, no I am trying to fit a niche market here, that is truly lacking. I hope this answers your question.
thanks for the detailed explanation epgs :) one more q tho - are you looking at worldwide pc deals or only those in the US? wordwide as in covering the asia/middle eastern regions, north american, european, etc.
Oh it is no problem. I like people questioning what I am doing, as I think you can learn a lot from it. Right now I am looking for US deals, but that might make some sense, once we get a little larger to expand. I am just not up on the types of markets around the world. If you would be interested in doing something like that, I would love to have your help and we might be able to get something going.

John Stille
I'm interested in helping. Wouldn't have heaps of time to give to it I'm afraid.

I'm not american though.

Do you still want some help?