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Illegal IPB 2.0.X?


New Member
I've seen some freehosting admins suspend Illegal IPB users.
how do i know it's illegal ver or not? just qurious.

[ah] phu

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Invisionboard have a serial code generator built in. It is use to tell IPB if your version is legal or not.


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ok one more question!
then, guest cant tell it is legal or not?
Im noob in IPB. only used PHPBB. thx.


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Go to the forum and then go to index.php?ipscheck=1

If it returns a number it is legal and paid (eg: 15117,26600), if it returns --,-- (or any number of -,-) it is a free unlimited trial and legal if it returns blank or "Nullified by xxxxx team" it is illegal.


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Search Google for IPB 1.3 download because IPB 1.3 is legal to use for free but you have to buy a license to use 2.0.x


I love you!
If it returns __ then thats the trial version. If it return -- then thats illegal. ATleast I think so anyway.


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The unlimited trial/normal trial still returns -- , but if it isnt a trial and is version 2.0.x and shows -- that means that it still might be illegal as the customer hasn't entered their key yet.

If you find an illegal IPB then Report It
Vertigox2 said:
Search Google for IPB 1.3 download because IPB 1.3 is legal to use for free but you have to buy a license to use 2.0.x
Nope, you can't do that. :shame: You can only legally use IPB v1.3 if you downloaded it BEFORE 2.0 became a paid script.


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With vBulletin you could open up one of the javascripts in your browser, because most illegal boards usually say nullified by # team. So say for this forum you would open up http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/clientscript/vbulletin_menu.js.

There would most likely be an indication of nullification if it says something like I stated above. Or something out of the ordinary.

This is not a certain way to detect if its an illegal board though, so don't rely on it.

An example of something odd would be the simplymaya.com forums. It says that its vBulletin version 2.3.5 yet if you go to http://forum.simplymaya.com/clientscript/vbulletin_menu.js it says something entirely different :confused2
overulehost said:
well... i think for vbulletin..

the only way is to report it to the vbulletin website
No, becuase if you go to one of those JavaScripts, you'll see the line (look closely) "Vbulletin is free software" which is a play on the real line that appears there on licensed copies.