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I'm so amused with this


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If you don't know what Omegle.com is, it's random chats between two strangers.

I found a program called "Omegle Spy".


It inserts you into Omegle conversations. You can speak for people and the other person will see it but not the person you're speaking for. The program assigns random names to each person to make it easier to differentiate who you're speaking for/with.

I'm so amused.

[04:14:52] Finding two strangers...
[04:14:52] Daryl connected
[04:14:53] Rheba connected
[04:14:56] Daryl: ask?
[04:15:05] Rheba: asl?
[04:15:06] Daryl: asl'
[04:15:18] Rheba: 17 m
[04:15:21] Daryl: male 16
[04:15:24] {{from Rheba}}: jk im 56
[04:15:33] {{from Rheba}}: but i like 16 year olds ;)
[04:15:34] Daryl: lol
[04:15:47] Rheba: so how was ur day
[04:16:10] Daryl: ugh is it ok if I call you a fagget?
[04:16:30] Daryl: because that's kinda ducked up you rapist.
[04:16:32] Daryl disconnected
[01:54:41] Finding two strangers...
[01:54:41] Margert: Please reload the page for technical reasons.
[01:54:41] Margert connected
[01:54:41] Dollie: Please reload the page for technical reasons.
[01:54:41] Dollie connected
[01:54:41] Margert disconnected
[01:54:41] Dollie disconnected

....? It keeps doing that.
I recommend staying far away from this site if you don't enjoy men showing off their genitalia.
I can't understand...

He means it gave him something to do for the night.
He was highly amused with it and it "made his night"
The same as "That made my day"
Which means; My day is much better since 'that' happened.
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It's very interesting site. It's similar to social network but one difference is chatting with strangers. I like it.