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Image Hosting Idea


New Member
How about this, an image host, but only available via a desktop client?
So basically, when you visit the site it says "To upload images, please download our desktop uploader."

Why you may ask? Well, first of all, you can have more features, such as auto-sync, entire folders, convert-on-the-fly without eating server resources, etc. But also, this will deter bots and spammers.
The software would be written in C# using Visual C#, so it could be ported to other devices, maybe Linux or Mac. Heck, if I get to it I might re-write it for Android.

Do you think this is an idea worth perusing? Who knows, I could make it more than just images, why not a website manager, so you could have whole websites. It would feature a whole registration system and everything.

Thank you.
Dropbox already has a lot of those features, so does Picasa. You'd need to distinguish your idea a little more to make it worth using over an established service. The website manager idea sounds kind of cool, but I'd imagine anyone with enough technical expertise to create web pages from scratch is already fine with using something more conventional, like FTP or SSH.
I agree with Cassie, you'll need to find something a lot more unique. Not everyone wants to download an application to upload images, especially when there are so many other image hosts where you simply click the browse button and upload an image.

What you could do is have the application as something extra, for those that do want to use an application to upload multiple images (maybe folders full of images?).
There are a lot of image hosts out there, and I personally would not download an application for image upload and management. Simplest ways are the best ones, that is my opinion (this means less registration, fast and easy, do not need to learn an application etc).