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Is dedicated server hosting necessary?

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There are many options available to host web content and applications, and we often hear the question, "Do I need a dedicated server?" In this article we will try to address some of the major considerations, and help answer that question.-

There are some important points to consider before searching for dedicated server hosting:

What is your budget?
What is your current resource usage?
Do you have special software requirements, security requirements, or bandwidth requirements?

With these questions in mind, it becomes easier to find the ideal dedicated server. There is no "best" server, only the best server for your application. You should consider the amount of RAM, processing (CPU) power, and bandwidth that will be required to support your website or application, and begin configuring a server based on those details.

Read detailed explanations, and expanded answers to the questions above, on our dedicated server blog: Do you need a dedicated server?
What is the context for requiring a dedicated server? For the most part haven't virtual dedicated's replaced much of the raw hardware market?

Sure there are many benefits to running a dedicated server, particularly if you're a web host running your clients off resold dedicated hardware. But at the same time what you could do previously with a dedicated server say 5 years ago can easily be achieved on a full scaleable virtual dedicated solution - it's more flexible to manage, re-provision and up your specs at any time within minutes.
When your business takes off and requires more than the typical sharing server resources, it's time to move up to the dedicated server. Now you're in the big leagues with an entire server dedicated to your hosting needs. However, without any experience, succeeding with this hosting option is nearly impossible - those who require a dedicated server but don't know a thing about server administration can get by with managed hosting. In this scenario, the hosting service provider handles all the management tasks which frees you up to focus on other areas of the business. Keep in mind that a managed service requires is generally more costly.
Dedicated Server is more like buying a new home. You are free to do anything, upgrade anything and get special care and security for your hosting. For such reason they are costlier than other VPS hosting.
Dedicated Server is more like buying a new home. You are free to do anything, upgrade anything and get special care and security for your hosting. For such reason they are costlier than other VPS hosting.

I agree with RH-Calvin a dedicated server is like buying a new home where your free to do anything with it and this is why I prefer a dedicated over VPS. When you really think about it a dedicated is not more costly because considering all that Cpu and ram power is not being oversold like on a openVZ VPS witch most are, well then your actually getting a pretty good deal. Now for the management part it's never can you do it or not. When it comes to a dedicated server and your a newbie with no experience, it's going to be do you have the time to do it and possible room for disastrous mistakes witch are unlikely if you do your homework. If thats too much look into a managed dedicated server or kzm VPS where resources are guarnteed.
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A dedicated server is usually, 90% not even required. A vps would suffice for a lot of your average daily needs. We see VPSs these days running enormous sites, hosting constant voip calls, and even streaming HD media.
With dedicated server you will essentially be leasing an entire server to run your website. Since you’re not sharing any of the resources with any other customers, you will have full control over how you want the server to operate.
With dedicated server hosting you can choose from a wide range of different hardware specs based on your specific requirements. You’ll enjoy the following benefits if you choose to go with a dedicated server:

  • High End Power – Since the entire server is dedicated only to your site, or sites, you will enjoy the full computing power of all the resources on the server.
  • Customizable – If you ever find that you need more resources, you can pay to have your server upgraded at any time. If necessary, it is even possible to use two or more dedicated servers to operate a single site.
  • Absolute Control – Since you are essentially leasing the full server, you can set it up and configure it in any way you desire. Most people who go with a dedicated server manage the entire system themselves, and only rely on the web hosting company for housing the server and managing the hardware and internet lines.
Dedicated servers are necessary to those who want to utilize full resources without sharing any.Such servers are used to host the websites that gets massive traffic.
Dedicated servers are used by those who wants to host sites with large traffic.Typically such servers are used by business firms or enterprise with quite a number of sites having good traffic.
Dedicated server is must if you are running a large website that is having huge traffic.

Dedicated servers provide you with hosting on a server fully committed to your business needs and yours alone. This gives you the freedom of utilizing your server the way you prefer, not forgetting that memory, speed, bandwidth and other web resources are at your convenience and advantage.

For better performance of website, go for dedicated server.
Go for dedicated server! The only thing better than dedicated server is 2X dedicated server :)
Not always dedicated server. Check your requirements and budget and then go for any hosting and hosting provider. Dedicated server is not always required, vps can be the option if your site is not having huge load and huge traffic coming to it.
Dedicated server- The dedicated servers are highly available to configure on single server for each network. It sometime refers to the dedicated hosting services also. These servers can be set up in-house or externally within the data center.
They are the internet hosting services that leases on the organisation of entire server. The Dedicated Server administrator the service level with the client and thus provide operating system, software application and security aspects related with it to make their customers get more comfortable n using their service support.
Dedicated Hosting is necessary to enhance security, maintain server & Traffic load, Page load times, load balancing as well as for future growth.
One of the important questions is when to get a dedicated server? Here are 3 things that can trigger you to look for dedicated servers:

Increase in Page Loading Time
Error messages being received during database requests
Overburdened server unable to serve pages

You don’t have to jump to buying the dedicated server at the first instance of a slowdown in performance. Analyze the technical obstacles first or engage a technical professional if you don’t have the required expertise or time. It may be an issue of CGI coding or PHP bugs interfering with your site performance. If it is established that there isn’t any technical reason behind slowdown of your site, then most possibly it’s the time you should upgrade to the dedicated server.
Depends on what your objectives are but these days one can get huge VPSs for a fraction of the price of a dedicated server. For someone who isn't a real geek and on top of all of the security updates and latest technology, a VPS that is part of a really good server setup is much more secure and easier to manage.
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