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Is Free Web Hosting Good?


Free hosting doesn't have generally had a great reputation for speed, uptime, and availability. They also tend to shut down a lot. The general rule you should go by is if you're the only person who'll be seeing your site, a free host is fine. But if you want the world to see your site, stay away from free hosts.
I don't understand why people take free web hosting in a negative way. If we consider negative reviews about free hoisting for a second then think why weebly and wix have made their names. Think about it.
Good but not safe, you should always your website backup. Because it will be free for limited time and after some you will have to take paid membership. If you forget take this, you can lose your website data.
Most free hosts come with advertisements. Also they are less secure for your online data compared to paid hosting.
Most of free web hosting sites not providing all features on best host, But you paid some amount on host services they were better than free host provider. I'll recommend WHUK - Web Hosting UK is one of the top host services provider in the UK and all over the globe.
Free services always come with some limitation. No one will give you full authorisation at free of cost. So, I think free web hosting services also do it the same. They just provide you with one platform to set up your website and after some time they promote their products, services, etc on your website.
So, I think this one is not a good idea to host your website on some free hosting platforms.
Free hosting does not work, If you choose free hosting then you will get a sub-domain and I think its complete waste of time
As per my opinion don't go with free hosting provider. It is dangerous and not reliable. However, you can go with cheap hosting provider that is affordable. Moreover, you can get support whenever you stuck. If you have a good budget then you can go with managed hosting provider that is reliable and give you more features such as SSL, migration, backups, unlimited server, and many more features that you can think of!
It really depends, some are good some are new some stay and some shut down!
It is a gamble taking any free host as you probably won’t know much about them unless you try it.

If you do choose a free host you should look after your website files and backups in case they shutdown, servers terminate and data is lost. I have seen it happen many times before.

Backups! So important and more so on a free host!
If you want to run your business for the long term then Free Web Hosting is not the right option for your business. Choose VPS or Dedicated Server to manage and grow your business with the fastest technology.
Well I beg to differ but do see your point I suppose.

It's down to the management and how they handle things.

If they never maintain their servers and sell sell sell then leave the customers on their own then yes, it will be problematic.

I have seen quite a few of the free hosts that I remember noticing years ago and they are still Online.?

An example of a free host that has been running a while online would be 000webhost.
Most free web hosting sites do not supply all of the characteristics of the top host, but if you paid for host services, they were better than free host providers. Ownwebservers might be an excellent alternative if you require solid hosting at a reasonable price.
Hey there!
Free web hosting has a lot of disadvantages, such as;
Free web hosting services must make money somehow. Paying for a service has a cost. With free web hosting, you give up (or endure) some things, but there are several common issues to look out for.
1. Ads
2. Shared Branding
3. A lack of customer support
4. Common outages
5. Limited pages
6. Limited bandwidth
7. Paid upgrades required for many features