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just a few weeks ago...


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well, im wondering this: what happened? like a few weeks ago, everyone was complaining if someone asked for like 5 gb bandwidth, now everyone is giveing like 25 gigabyte bandwidth that ive seen on the free requests forum, so may i ask this, what happened between a few weeks ago and now?
Most people started to request for over 10GB Bandwidth a few months or even years ago.

There is an increasing number of free hosts that provide high space and bandwidth, resulting in people requesting for more.
He's sort of right, there was a number of "tiny" 1-2 GB bandwidth offers around that time though I wouldn't venture as far as saying they were the majority.
The reason no one is complaining anymore, is we got fed up... If people want to go with these hosts, more fool them, they will be back when the host is down.
Yeh, im with HS. Sure there is plenty of people offering free large storage and bandwidth accounts, but I dont see them lasting long.
Yikes, is bandwidth really getting that cheap!!? I am seeing a resurgence in "unlimited" traffic free hosts though due to them claiming lower costs on their end (so they make enough revenues off their ads to cover the traffic). For example, http://www.fortunecity.com/ just went back to offering unlimited bandwidth (and 1 GB disk space).
I even see free hosting offer unlimited disk space/bandwidth! That's put me off already, but at the same it is very tempting indeed, but better avoid it than sorry. :)
What about 9CY? Oh wait...its not 2003 anymore.

Yes. See we should just allow unlimited hosts to advertise here afterall. It would ensure FWS.net could never die. People would advertise like crazy, clients would flock to them, and then they would ALL come back when the host went under.

Just think of the traffic!

I remember 9cy, but 9cy wasn't unlimited (it was 100 megs webspace). However, the same guy did run peyros.com, which offered unlimited space/transfer/file size/etc., but it lasted only 2 days after an alarming amount of warez signups.
I think 9cy gave you like...1TB of transfer? At the time that was like unlimited. Most people were okay with their portland.co.uk accounts with their 200mb/month transfer requirements!
200 mb/month? My website's already used almost double that transfer so far this month (but it's a sounds site, so that's to be expected). Still nowhere close to the 11 gb/month 2wdhost gives me for $24/year though (although 2wdhost is a pay host, not a free host).
Hardly any site I host uses any bandwidth, the resellers do but the shared accounts are lucky to push 2-3GB/month for all of them.
So I dont know, I think people just like the large numbers
About the only "unlimited" free hosts that have actually lasted a long time are http://www.hostultra.com/ and http://www.t35.com/ , but those hosts have other restrictions to prevent one from taking advantage (HostUltra has file type limitations; T35 has a rule where you can't use more than 1 mb of traffic per 2 HTML page views).

T35 also limits each file to 512 KB in size or smaller.

CnR, you are right - unlimited looks good, so you might even say it's a marketing gimmick.