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Latest domain you bought and why?


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What's the latest domain you bought? When did you buy it and what are your plans for this domain? (Free co.cc domains and similar doesn't count)

Feel free to make a new post when you have bought a new domain. I'll reveal my latest domain when we have a couple of replies, so that my domain is not the first in this list. :)

(I suggest we don't hyperlink the domains to reduce the number of spammers replying.)

Purchased it since the free domain was conveniently "suspended". They said it was against TOS when it got a couple thousand hits, I said WTF, explain! They unsuspended it when it went back down to regular traffic. Funny how .tk placed ads all over the "suspended" page when thousands were hitting it a day, then gave it back when it dipped under 100.

Anywho, figured a TLD is more professional and will get better search results/not be blacklisted then a free domain.
i got freehostingwebs . com in May and the plan was/is to make a nice webhosting directory
still underdevelopment
Very bad of .tk to steal traffic from a popular site like that.

I registered this domain last month to create a site about the funny things Siri says on the iPhone4S. It's been a lot of fun.
The case about .tk stealing traffic is not something new.
In fact, I was also 1 of the victim of their too.
Luckily the website do not have anything important.
Last one I bought was happycheaphotelbarcelona .com - the first of my planned world-wide hotel empire!!

will have to check my progress in a couple of years :)
wesselz.com which was bought by me for a client who will start a webshop on it, selling furnature.
i just got those

reason:i do not have plans for those yet but i think that is nice domains + the price was only $1 (namecheap promo)

Just to pee off visitscotland.com :evilb:

And parked it on another one tour-scotland.com :lol:

Just to pee off visitscotland.com :evilb:

And parked it on another one tour-scotland.com :lol:
I was unaware of the existence of .gb.net. Is that Scotland's own version of the .co.uk? Much better, as for me the co.uk looks too much like .co.cc. :biggrin2:

Is the .gb.net cheaper than .co.uk?
.gb.net (for GB not just Scotland) is one of the country extensions you can get for .net, it seems to have slipped past most people including visitscotland :D who have all the other extensions hehe, and I think I paid 80pence for a year (about $1.20 or so)