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It's no secret that in Eastern Europe, the concept of affiliate marketing 90% refers to the promotion of products and services from the so-called “grayhat” niches. Even if an affiliate marketer sends traffic to a product or subscription payment offers, they are most likely to belong to the “grayhat” category, as they are fake or do not perform the promised functions at all.

In the Eastern European affiliate community, it is believed that working with “whitehat” offers is done by beginners and it is less profitable since most of the time the commissions are very small. In contrast, for the rest of the world (mainly in Western countries), affiliate marketing focuses more on “whitehat” offers and legal ways to attract the target audience.

That is why we have prepared this article for you. We have found out what affiliate marketing is according to Eastern and Western affiliates, understood why it is perceived differently, and now we are ready to tell you about it. Let's go!

The TES conference, which took place in Prague a while ago, highlighted several topics that are relevant to the affiliate community. Let's take a look back at the most relevant ones. This ranking is based on our subjective preferences only.

1. Dos and Don'ts for AI-Powered SEO. Michael Melen, co-founder of SmartSites, believes that productivity in our industry has increased due to the results of ChatGPT. Due to this, there has been a major redistribution of power started. And after a while, what we will see are those who are using AI in leadership positions. However, the use of artificial intelligence might also become detrimental. For example, for SEO strategy.

2. Mark Bauman, CEO of TrafficHaus, spoke about the conversion of OnlyFans traffic. He noted that the habit of consuming goods and services, which started with COVID-19, continues to expand. This includes traffic going to a well-known video resource. Monetising this user base can be achieved by building relationships with models looking to attract traffic to their onlyfans.

3. How to generate more organic traffic through keyword installations for better app monetisation in 2023. It is widely known that to get organic instals from search, you need to make it easy to get users to find them in search. Logically, the higher your app ranks in search for a particular search query, the more users will see your app and consequently download it. One of the main ways of engagement is keyword instals. Thanks to them, the app rises in search, and organic users start to see it and download it. Promoting apps with keywords in 2023 to monetise traffic has its specifics. Such advertising increases organic traffic to the app. Moreover, the strategies for Android and iOS will be different.

Which ones did you find the most memorable?

The affiliate market is not static. Based on the results of the Style meetup, which we attended yesterday, we can safely draw the following conclusions.

Payment solutions for the affiliate sphere are becoming more and more popular. These include e-cards and payment services. The ability to work freely in a highly regulated world is highly valued in this sphere.

The battle between white hat and black hat traffic is still going on. Yes, Tier-1 countries are more regulated, but the pirate spirit of the affiliate community gives space for experimentation. That's why black hat traffic sources will be in trend for a long time.

Optimisation is our everything. Affiliates are getting tired of providing traffic to adult affiliates independently. Some of them are just not that experienced and have already lost their budget, others want to outsource some of the work. That is why the format of a fully managed platform is becoming more and more important.

What trends do you think are the most popular today?

Our affiliate proves practically that getting FD in the gambling vertical from push traffic is real. We present his case study.

Please read it and work profitably!

Hello, friends!

You have probably already heard about the FlexCard service. FlexCard is virtual cards with reliable BINs and unlimited issuance.

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How can you maximise your earnings as an affiliate with us?

We assist direct advertisers, webmasters, and affiliates in generating income. However, your goal is not just to make money; you want to make a substantial amount, right?

Today, we will explain how you can achieve this. Let’s review our instructions and be sure to keep them to yourself.

1. We have the capability to independently optimise ads on our platform, provided that the postback is correctly set up and conversions are accurately tracked.

2. Place your trust in us. Our experienced managers possess extensive expertise and can guide you on effective bidding strategies and targeting. We are also available to assist you with creating compelling ad materials.

3. Your advertising campaign will be activated immediately, without requiring any moderation or preparatory steps. This allows you to start right away and save your valuable time.

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What does our advertising network provide to webmasters?

While the majority of websites in MyBid are MyBid's sources, publishers can also link their resources to our advertising network.

These websites will showcase offers from different verticals, including:

  • Adult,
  • Dating,
  • Webcam,
  • Sweepstakes,
  • Utilities,
  • Gambling & Betting,
  • and Nutra.

There is no need for a minimum number of daily visitors. All sites are eligible to participate, except for those with illegal themes.

What are your thoughts on this proposal? If you're interested, let's talk about it!

What trends are we currently focusing on? Artificial intelligence is leading the way. And it's not just limited to text writing. AI is now being used to help scale for affiliates.

For example, ElevenLabs can perform neuro-translation of videos while maintaining the original voice. Now, it is enough to create one high-quality video with clear audio. This video can then be expanded to other GEOs.
Copilot AI will help with writing code.
Creating images is better with AI Mirror.
Andisearch claims to be the new affiliate search engine.

This saves time and money for anyone who needs various creatives or some help.

Which ad format and vertical is suitable for you? No need to speculate!

We have the solution to your query. Drawing upon extensive expertise, the specialists at MyBid have compiled this table for your convenience.

You can utilize it to identify the optimal format tailored to your level of experience. Simply evaluate your proficiency and explore the corresponding options.

Rest assured, the table provides a comprehensive overview of the advertising formats and industry categories that MyBid works with.

MyBid has developed a fully managed platform that allows advertisers and affiliates teams to launch and set up ad campaigns without having extensive experience in advertising.

MyBid works with several types of clients, including:

Direct advertisers with experience in buying traffic in large volumes and with large budgets;
Direct advertisers without much experience in such launches, with medium or small budgets;
Media buyers who buy traffic for their own needs;
Solo affiliates and teams.

Our approach to every client is tailored, with the goal being a successful outcome for all.

Instant campaign moderation;
Variety of advertising formats in one network;
In-house anti-fraud;
Competitive prices;
And of course, 24/7 support.

Thousands of advertisers rely on our platform to reach their target audience.

We are excited to introduce you to our esteemed partners Torazzo, a team of TOP professionals in the dating traffic industry. With over 20 years of experience, they possess exceptional expertise in converting dating traffic into successful results!

Torazzo offers a range of exceptional features:

They have their own smartlink with individual optimization for each partner, ensuring excellent EPC on any high-quality traffic.
Enjoy the benefit of exclusive offers with maximum payouts and an outstanding conversion rate (CR).
Choose from numerous direct offers tailored for different countries, including PPL and PPS versions.
Experience the convenience of stable regular payments twice a month, while larger partners can negotiate individual conditions and even opt for payment in cryptocurrencies.
Torazzo actively participates in all TOP affiliate conferences across Europe, USA, and Asia, providing you with the opportunity to meet their dedicated managers in person.
Rest assured that their support team is available daily, even on weekends and holidays, to assist you promptly.

You might be interested in checking out the Torazzo dating offers which are currently available at attractive rates:

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With Torazzo you can confidently and profitably monetize all your dating traffic! Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to work with the best in the industry. Join forces with Torazzo and take your dating traffic conversions to new heights!

Hey Partner!

We have a wide range of GEOs that we work with, which allows our platform to collaborate with affiliates from almost all parts of the world.

Additionally, we have some top-performing countries on our list that generate high traffic volume. Here are the countries that currently top the list:

for In-Page it is US, DE, IN, ID, RU;
for PopUnder - US, IN, ID, RU, JP;
for PUSH - RU, US, ID, IN, DE;
for Pre-roll - IN, US, JP, DE, RU;
for Banner - US, IN, JP, DE, FR.

But, of course, these are not all available GEOs. Register on the platform, and we will bring the best traffic from any region of the world to your offers.

Are you struggling with creating effective creatives while driving traffic to dating offers? Our team is here to help. Today, let's focus on Germany as a region of interest.

Germany is one of the most popular geos for affiliates working in the dating vertical. It is a multicultural country with a high standard of living and a significant interest among German men in online dating with women worldwide.

Where there is demand, there is also supply. Our article has compiled the latest tips on creating conversion-centric creatives for Germany.

At MyBid, we're always happy to welcome new affiliates.

However, there are others we're interested in working with! Publishers can also connect their resources to our ad network and display offers from various verticals, including adult, dating, webcams, sweepstakes, utilities, gambling and betting, and Nutra. We don't have any specific requirements for the number of visitors per day, and all websites are eligible except for those with prohibited topics.

Additionally, we're always open to working with direct advertisers and helping them bring a steady traffic flow to their offers.

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Hey there! Learning from other people's mistakes can be very useful, especially when driving traffic with PUSH.

First, we will provide a step-by-step breakdown of exactly what the affiliate has done and what he has received. Afterwards, we will suggest possible corrective measures. Spoiler alert: it was feasible to start earning profit from the traffic even during the test campaign phase!

If you're interested in learning more, follow the link to read the full text.

What exciting and valuable things did we learn at the last Broconf conference?

We must be honest: we spent most of our time outside the auditorium. We were chatting with partners at the stands, networking. We studied what other companies were offering, which was very interesting.

But we also found time to listen to the reports. Here, you will find an extract based on the most exciting speeches.

The iGaming industry's top traffic source in recent years is ASO. To select the right brand and increase profits, use services for search and analytical reports in the Store. Check competitors' presence; if there are any, your earnings will be higher, but you'll need a bigger budget. Choosing between iOS and Android has its advantages.

Motivated traffic has its pros and cons. The cost per targeted action is low, and you get instant top ranking, but there is a possibility of an app ban.

For successful work with conditionally free traffic in dating, use Zennoposter, different languages, multi-link, and ChatGPT API. If you have your servers and proxies, earning $8000 per month per person is quite realistic.

A profitable bundle on Infobiz in Telegram requires creating a channel or a bot, driving traffic to it from channels through paid advertising, offering users in the promo to perform a test task for a job, and clicking on the site.

When working with Infobiz, it is vital to find admins for advertising directly through Telemetr.me, ensure that the price of a subscriber is not higher than 0.20 Euro, and invest 50% of the funds received back into advertising.

The AMS bundle involves buying AMS, collecting or buying a base, registering a domain, heating it, choosing offers, preparing promo, launching mailings, and receiving profit.

What are the hottest trends in mobile right now?

The latest data suggests four main mobile directions: brandformance, mobile DSP, premium in-app, and predictive models.

In addition, the most relevant solutions are motion design and PWAs.

It's interesting to note that global mobile online advertising spending is projected to reach $495bn next year.

One of the hottest trends in mobile currently is brandformance. This approach targets both audiences and promotes a brand simultaneously. It's particularly effective in areas where capacity could be improved to performance.

Another trend that's gaining popularity is gamification. In fact, 61% of smartphone users play games at least once a month. Creating a simple game to explain how to use a product can be a great solution to make it more user-friendly.

You might be interested to know that promoting useful mobile apps can be a great way to drive traffic.

If you're wondering where to find information on how to promote offers in this vertical, we have some articles that can help.

In fact, we recently published an article on which GEOs would be ideal for utilities. You can check it out by following the link. We're confident that you'll find the most up-to-date information waiting for you there.

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- Events for webmasters.

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Capitalist is a сonvenient online payment system: MyBid replenishment and traffic payment directly from the Capitalist wallet with no fee!

Capitalist advantages:
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✅ Marketplace: payments for traffic and web tools with no fee;
✅ Complete privacy of clients’ funds and turnover;
✅ International jurisdiction;
✅ No GEO limits on account registration and verification.

To get a free Capitalist virtual card, please activate a promo code MyBidCard through the Capitalist official telegram bot: @CapitalistNet_bot

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