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Hey there!

We just want to share some exciting news with you all. MyBid is having some fantastic Black Friday deals this week. Also, we haven't forgotten about Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving!

From November 20th to the 26th, we're offering special conditions for new and existing users.

If you make a $100 deposit up to 15k, you'll get an additional 15% added to your account.
Promo code: mygift15.

And if you deposit up to 20k, we'll add 20% to your account!
Promo code: mygift20.

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to take advantage of these fabulous deals.

Are you curious about the benefits of collaborating with MyBid?

By partnering with us, you can receive an experienced mentor with a vested interest in seeing your advertising campaign succeed.

Additionally, scaling your campaign quickly has never been easier. If you already have a bundle from another ad network, provide the data to your manager, and they will launch and optimize the campaign for you, analyzing ROI and other metrics along the way.

Publishers are also welcome to join our advertising network with no minimum daily visitor requirement. All websites are eligible for consideration, except for those with illegal content.

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It's that time of year again - Black Friday!

The stores are swarming with people, and all the items in your online shopping cart are finally moving to the payment stage. And we have some special offers for newcomers and existing customers that will be available until the end of the week.

If you deposit between $100 and 15k, you'll receive an additional 15% in your account. Use the promo code "mygift15" to take advantage of this offer.

Those who deposit up to 20k will receive an extra 20% in your account. Use the promo code "mygift20" to redeem this offer.

Take advantage of these fantastic deals!

Are you looking for ways to get traffic without investing any money? Look no further, as we have a few options for you from our blog article!

Social networks are a goldmine of traffic that can be converted into revenue. With easy communication options available there, you can use various methods to drive traffic to your offer and start earning.

Short video platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are another option to consider. With just a few simple steps, you can create a video showcasing the offer.

And yes, spamming on social networks can also be an effective and free method of attracting traffic. Webmasters use standard social media features, which are practical and free, to attract traffic and boost their earnings.

Have you heard that our company has its own LinkedIn account?

We don't just post news there but also share informative articles on various current topics with our subscribers. Our latest article is about the adult industry, where we explain what it entails and why it's so popular.

We invite you to subscribe to our LinkedIn page to stay updated and learn more about such topics.

Are you wondering why it's beneficial to work with fully managed networks? Here are a few reasons:

- No need to spend money on tests: Your manager will eliminate irrelevant options, saving you time and money.
- Quick scaling: You can pass the settings and profitable campaign bundle to a fully managed network manager, who will guide you on how to proceed and launch the campaign.
- No need to manage creatives, targeting settings, and bid changes: The manager will handle everything for you.

If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to discuss further.

Driving traffic to Brazil?

Our article provides insights on the most profitable creatives, including which characters to feature in images and what makes a catchy creative.

Click on the link to read the article and learn more.

Hey Partner!

We have a wide range of GEOs that we work with, which allows our platform to collaborate with affiliates from almost all parts of the world.

Additionally, we have some top-performing countries on our list that generate high traffic volume. Here are the countries that currently top the list:

for In-Page it is IN, ID, US, EG,DE;
for PUSH - IN, ID, PK, RU, IR, US;
for PopUnder - IN, ID, US, EG, IQ;
for Pre-roll - IN, US, JP, DE, BR;
for Banner - IN, PH, US, DE, IQ.

But, of course, these are not all available GEOs. Register on the platform, and we will bring the best traffic from any region of the world to your offers.

Hello partner!

Today, let's talk about fresh trends in the mobile market. We have prepared a small digest on this topic for you.

Non-branded queries for mobile traffic. It's essential to analyze the search results in the Store and understand what's relevant in your niche. ASO is still important, but it requires more subtle work, and the choice of promotional methods depends on the GEO, and brand awareness. Combining multiple promotion channels can yield better results.

Several methods can keep users engaged in the app, such as daily bonuses, tasks, and loyalty programs. These triggers motivate users to spend more time and money on the app. Social methods, like competitions, chats, and interactions with friends, fulfill a person's need for communication and social recognition. Monetization methods, like discounts on in-game currency or lucrative in-store bundles, encourage users to make more purchases within the app.
All of these methods work well on their own, but better results can be achieved by combining different approaches. For example, combining daily bonuses with personalized rewards or VIP events with social pressure like "your friends are already here" can be pretty effective.

Neural networks can be used to promote apps and improve various aspects of the user experience. For instance, they can help increase the app's conversion rate on the App Store and Google Store page, reduce churn by improving user retention, and enhance revenue by increasing in-app purchases.
Some great examples of machine learning tools, such as Unity's Luna and Oolo Machine Learning, can help. These tools use advanced algorithms to analyze user behavior and provide personalized recommendations, ultimately helping to improve the overall user experience.

We are happy to introduce you our new partner, Datify.Link

Datify.Link is a CPA Affiliate Network with in-house, private, and exclusive offers from direct advertisers. Top niches: Dating, Adult Games, Cams, Gambling, Forex CPL, Sweepstakes, Nutra.

Why do affiliates choose Datify.Link?

Weekly payments with no hold;
In-house and direct offers WW;
Free apps for FB, UAC, TT;
Real-time statistics;
Large selection of payment systems for withdrawing funds;
5% RevShare referral program;
Operational support 24/7.

Datify.Link platform prepared an exclusive bonus for you: get +10% on your first payout from $500 with promo code MYBID.

To participate, don’t forget to tell your manager promo code.

The Style meetup was a great success, bringing together over 300 representatives of the affiliate industry. It's always lovely to hear about events that have a great atmosphere.

As for next year's events, it's exciting to think about what's in store. If you're an event organizer in the affiliate niche, you can contact @dante_pr on Telegram to propose an invitation to your event.

So, shall we talk about scary stories?

Unfortunately, some ad networks engage in dishonest practices that harm other market participants. Everyone needs to remember to approach making money ethically and with integrity. By being aware of these scams, we can all make more informed decisions and avoid being taken advantage of.

Follow the link; you will learn all about popular scam methods and how to protect yourself.

Hey there!

If you are good at SEO and interested in monetizing your websites, MyBid has an offer for you. We seek publishers to work with and offer some excellent conditions.

Together, you can choose the best parameters for your website, and we are ready to work on the terms of fix/prepayment. We pay $50 for 3-7 days from the moment of request, and there's zero commission for payments. It can also help you maximize your advertising revenue without losing traffic.

Sign up at MyBid!

Hey there! You're ready to take on some tough challenges and are looking to identify which verticals to focus on.

MyBid's top verticals are:

Feel free to text us if you'd like to discuss the details and launch a campaign. We can explore how we can work together to achieve your goals.

It's great to start the week with a holiday! Merry Christmas to all our partners!

We hope this holiday season brings you increased profits and peace in your business and personal life.

Let's finish this year smoothly without any urgent issues.

Earn money on content traffic with LuckyFeed

If you work with large volumes of traffic on Google Ads and native networks, we recommend testing the LuckyFeed — content arbitrage platform. With its help you can generate profit by driving traffic to clickbait news and articles.

— 25+ GEOs available: Europe, Latin America and other countries
— Best terms from direct advertisers: monetize any volume of traffic
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Working with another vertical? Additional monetization of content traffic in LuckyFeed and get up to +30% to income from unconverted traffic.

Access to the platform is private: you can get it by leaving an application on the website and talking to a manager. You can leave an application for access to the platform here.

Hi there!

Happy last working day of the year to you! We wish you a Happy New Year 2024 with success, joy, and prosperity.

Let's hope that the coming year brings us only positive experiences and good fortune. Have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones. We look forward to catching up with you again after the holidays!

What trends have we seen in the past year? How will they develop in the coming year?

Programmatic advertising is becoming increasingly popular and is expected to continue growing.

Additionally, there is a trend towards higher prices for performance advertising, which may be driven by seasonal demand.

Automation and cross-partnerships between significant players in the market will become more prevalent, and we can expect to see more automated tools for audience targeting and other advertising functions.

And what are the trends that you have noticed?

Hey there!

We have an interesting article about running advertising in Telegram messenger. It covers what factors to consider when choosing channels and how to analyze key indicators.

Additionally, the article provides an estimate of the cost of advertising integrations. Check it out here.

Esoteric Vertical

Get ready to learn about the esoteric vertical and why it's important in 2024.

The specialized category includes offers that aim to help audiences solve problems through the use of magic and secret knowledge. While some sources refer to it as an astro-vertical, this term is not entirely accurate as it encompasses more than just horoscopes. This category covers a range of queries, including:
Discover what the future holds,
Enhance your physical or financial well-being,
Resolve relationship issues,
Receive answers to your questions.

Esoteric offers encompass both products and information, making it a unique sub-vertical with its own set of guidelines and target audience. Offers include a wide range of products and services that audiences might find interesting, such as horoscopes, magical amulets, fortune-telling, power stones, candles, good luck cards, rituals, courses, and meditations.

Methods used to attract traffic to esoteric vertical include those commonly used for product offers, nutra offers, or infoproducts. Creatives may incorporate niche attributes such as zodiac signs, tarot cards, and product images. The text of the ad is also crucial in conveying the message effectively. You need to adapt to holidays, current events, and push the pains of users.

Push notifications, pop ups, and in-page push notifications are commonly used to drive traffic due to their affordability, ease of tracking, and lack of moderation issues. However, their targeting capabilities may be limited.

It is predicted that people will continue to be interested in the future, particularly during difficult times such as conflicts and pandemics. Statistics on astrology queries around the world over the past five years show a slow but steady increase in interest in this topic, despite the paradox in our technological age.

It's great to see that people are still interested in esoteric and we believe that this trend will continue to grow. This niche is similar to the nutra vertical in terms of addressing users' pain, which is a plus.