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Need Reseller Account

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i need good reseller account, my price range ($150 per year)

it must have a control panel
at least 5-8 gb space
between 60 gb bw
MUST MUST have telnet and ssh access
unlim email,ftp,subdomains included
good uptime
possibly my own name servers or ip!

host alot of domains

thats it, also will pay via paypal per YEAR.

Please tell me anyonw who can offer this.

A better estimate for what your asking for would be around $100/mo per month.
Do you really need all that space and bandwidth?
I sure do, em i have seen places giving me these things for $200 per year.

$100 per months = server

have you ever beento webhostingtalk.com ?

try it, they give these things for real cheap there :)

I need all this space cause i have no more servers, got customers on my hand which noone would buy, so i am wanting a reseller to get all my 12 customers.

p.s. i dont want people offering me $2 per customer or anything from this thread no thanx to the people who have.

No $100/mo doesn't = server.
Yes, you can get a server with bandwidth for $100/mo.

Name me one "good" host which offers 8GB of disk space, 60GB Monthly Data Transfer for $150/year ?

When I mean "good" I mean not a host which has been around 1 day. Not one which has a "bad" reputation. Not one which has no SLA.

Cogent Communications is the past. Prices will be going up for Tier-2 carriers soon.

Lets discuss the difference between a "server" and a "reseller account". For $99/mo + TAX. You can get a server which is 100% unmanaged in the aspect of support for issues regarding the server other than network or hardware issues. They will not manage the server for you. With a reseller account you do not get root access and the server is managed for you. The majority of "good" hosts will provide a "managed" service per say. The server is managed. Any software required is installed where possible. The server is maintained.

There is a very big different. Just because you can get a server for $99/mo doesn't mean that a "good" host would. Point me to a dual xeon 2ghz, 1+ gb ram, 2x80+ gb hdds and cpanel for $99/mo. Also one with a uptime and hardware replacement SLA.

Here is a "reasonable" offer.

$0.50/mo per 500MB block of Disk Quota.
$1.50/mo per 1GB block of Data Transfer.

16 x 0.5 = $8/mo
60 x 1.5 = $90/mo

That is an idea of what you'd be looking at paying. That excludes support costs.

$150/yr would work out at:
$18.75/yr per GB ($1.5/mo)
$2.50/yr per GB ($0.2/mo)

Thats based upon just one.
So, together:
$15.25/yr per GB ($1.25/mo)
$2.50/yr per GB ($0.2/mo)

That is not viable.
Working on that basis you could get:
10GB of data transfer for $2/mo :eek:
So times that by say 3 for $6/mo for 30GB data transfer. Add $3/mo for 2GB space and you have $9/mo for 2GB and 30GB data transfer.

Now anyone know a muppit who wants to provide that? If so, address please. I have a "Business for Dummies" book somewhere :biggrin2:
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You'd probably be better off buying a dedicated server from Rackshack.net - they have great deals starting at $99 a month...

reseller plans are not listed on there yet, but this is what i can get you:

I could offer you a good reseller package on UNIX

1GB Space
25GB Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited mySQL DBs
99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

2.5GB Space
50GB Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited mySQL DBs
99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

5.5GB Space
100GB Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited mySQL DBs
99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

All resellers get this feature:
cPanel 6.4 Control Panel
Red Hat Linux 8.0
Unlimited POP-3 E-mail Accounts
Unlimited Autoresponders
Unlimited E-mail Forwarding (Aliases)
Unlimited FTP Access
Anonymous FTP
PHP 4.3.1
mySQL 4.0.12
Perl 5.61
Curl/ImageMagick Support
Analog/Webalizer Stats
Neomail/Horde Webmail
Agora/Interchange Shopping Cart
Built-In Backup Utility
Pre-Installed CGI Scripts
Custom Error Pages
Cron Jobs
FrontPage 2002 Extensions
Shared 128-bit SSL Server
Password Protected Directories
Spam Filters
Raw Access Logs
Error Logs
99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
Support Over AIM/MSN/E-Mail/Forums

You must pay thro paypal

my aim is Vegetaghetto
msn is ssj2_majinvegeta@Hotmail.com
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