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Need some help with an antique


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Hi FWS just looking for some guidance on upgrading an Emachines T4010
I was going to bump up the RAM:
And upgrade the cpu:
Please tell me if these parts are correct.
Link to the original tower:

Thanks in advance,
I think the pc2700 ram should be right. I would take a Pentium 4 hyper trading CPU instead tho.
I think the pc2700 ram should be right. I would take a Pentium 4 hyper trading CPU instead tho.

Can't put a prescott core on that board, as the P4Ht and P4EE CPUs require a 800Mhz frontside bus. Emachines locks the front side bus to the speed they shipped it at- that board will only ever support plain Celeron and Pentium 4 CPUs using a 533MHz frontside bus. It won't boot at all if you put a 800Mhz FSB CPU on it.

The CPU linked in the first post is also incompatible. That's one of the P4EE CPUs. Also, a P4 operating above 3.2GHz in the socket 478 form is certain to have thermal problems and will require a large aftermarket heatsink for stability. The LGA775 P4HTs weren't as hindered by it, but those won't fit your existing board.

I ran into this problem trying to upgrade an emachine P4 back in 2005. Ended up with a $300 CPU (3.4Ghz P4Ht in socket 478) and no board. Stuck a retail board under it after the fact and its still ticking 8 years later. It just has a rather large heatsink keeping the temps down, and has to be cleaned every 3-6 months because dust buildup makes it prone to overheating.

For a RAM upgrade on that, I'd just use this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231039

Just do note that this is an antique, no amount of upgrading short of replacing it completely will bring it into line with what most people these days are using. But for really light work like classic gaming and storing media, it will still serve well.
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