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Need your advice


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Hi All,

I have a little project with friend; we need to create a simple website which intended to people who need to announce something like missing someone, reporting something like traffic, weathers or anything. Just like public announcement website, everyone can shout out in website accordance with the categories provided. Users can post something and they do not need to register to post. Administrator should review and approved first before their post appear.

I am tired looking for something like news publishing scripts which all of them does not suit in our requirement. Well, need your advice regarding on this, can I use like Wordpress that can be functionalized as described above? Thanks.
I use to do something like this and simply used wordpress and a contact plugin then just have the admins review the email account attached and post what is found on there. However what I found is that you can not monitor and approve posts in a timely manor all the time and thus some of the posts get lost in translation...

You can have posts made to wordpress from a rss feed and I am sure there are other methods but I ended up switching to facebook/twitter as my primary communication source. With that I get more user interaction and better response times when posting incidents and weather updates and such.

Source: https://twitter.com/sokywatch <- my twitter account (most of the followers are within 75 miles of my location and obtained with no advertising)
If you don't want to go to the extent of using wordpress, you can achieve this with minimal PHP coding. However, the easier (and by that I mean, since it's standalone) option would be just to use wordpress. You can even mod the WP template to work based on your taxonomy... (I've written quite a number of complex WP Plugins recently)
Definitely WordPress. You can get a few plugins that allow guests to do that. Plus, they already have a comment moderating system integrated into it.
You can probably adapt a forum script to do this. Will be more "feature rich" than a wordpress setup, but you may not need those features.