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Next Windows OS

There's loads of videos on the YouTube channel. It's nice for tablets, like REALLY nice, but I'll stick to Windows 7 for anything else. You can find torrents and stuff everywhere if you fancied getting a leaked beta.
I do not think microsoft is able to make me leave XP, unless they disable all copies remotely or other software manufacturers stop supporting it in their products. Using a shell manager makes me not taking care of which OS is installed.
Windows 8 looks fantastic.

...If you use it on a tablet. No way is that UI going to work well on a desktop, or even laptop, to an extent. If you own a touch screen desktop then it'll be fantastic, or use it on say a Mac via BootCamp with a Magic Trackpad, then it'll be useful with that huge trackpad to use.

I've considered getting a Touch-screen Desktop for Windows 8, it'd be nice to use it, and no doubt I'd heavily consider buying a Windows 8 Tablet.
I can see it working on normal desktops, because it still looks like Windows 7 and runs like it, just with a bit of UI tweaks. I just think its extra hideous to be frank - so see no point upgrading from a PC PoV (especially if you don't have touch interface). The touch interface that is on Microsoft's YouTube channel is possibly the only major improvement, that will no doubt be amazing on tablets.
The only thing that Windows 8 had my attention is, Microsoft planned to release the ARM version of this OS.
Other than that, it is just Windows 7 with some improvements only.
Wow This is a great news. Microsoft is going to launch another OS. I am not sure about the name of new OS. But one thing is sure that Microsoft is going to rock.
Who gives a ----? Windows 7 is still so new, why are we even concerned about a newer version of Windows? Just another reason to waste money. From what I have seen, this new Windows 8 doesn't look too impressive anyway.
Still looks nice for touch monitors or tablets/phones. I don't know I'm really digging it for mouse and keyboards.
Yes, I also see and hear about Windows 8 but i want to stick on windows 7 because i thought that is good enough for me
Windows 8 is more towards mobile devices, such as tablets, laptops, and cell phones. It can be used for a desktop, but is more towards those with a touchscreen. I was able to modify it to work well on a desktop, but, it just makes it more Windows 7.