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Offshore Dedicated Server Needed!


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Ok guys I have searched google like mad and cannot find a good deal anywhere.

I want an offshore dedicated server please. And here is what i am looking for:

80GB harddrive-preferably 160 if it's not too much
3000GB-5000GB monthly transfer and if you have unmetered non shared it would be the best.

Also I want to pay by CREDITCARD please. I also want to pay annually meaning for a whole year instead of monthly, because of this could you maybe make a nice deal with me like a discount or something please.

Post your offers :)
hahahaha Yea,he Wants a Warez Site,I dont See why not Say This Is for Warez,Cause If you Dont The host That Sell's The Server Will Shut It Offline If They Dont Allow Warez Offshore Or Not
Offshore is not used only for warez sites. Casinos,start offshore reselling , financial sites etc etc ring a bell ?
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Yea,That's Why I Said Good Luck Then,The Speed's Suck But,I Really Dont Care either Way LOL Just Funny To Me.

Edited my post ..Yeah most of have poor infrastructures but FBI dont knock on your 'server' so ...:beer:

VoidDigtal tell us more.. What you mean by offshore . Offshore is usually a country other the one you're registered in . If I'm in US and I'm hosted in Europe is offshore for me .. Got the point ...
Wht countries are you interested in ?
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Think what you want, um offshore as in HongKong or something, Germany, Russia? That's what offshore is, well that's what it is according to what i know