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Rep help?


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Hey guys,
Yeah i was in my profile and noticed i have -5 points.. now i searched the faq up for whats the meaning, how to find who did it etc., found nothing can someone help me out?

I've a feeling i got that after that topic bashing me, but not quite sure
Now i've helped out in numerous posts like http://freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?p=908431#post908431
so I don't why it showed it like that

now will i lose privilages on the forum from that? i'm quite unsure especilly one of the recommendations said:
You f*cking tw*t. NEVER link to an overseller.

Can someone shed some light?
Rep doesn't effect privialges at all.. red does look bad sure, but you can always disable it and forget about it.
Thats the bad thing about Rep, and the reason people leave comments like that, you cannot tell who left them.
Yes indeed it defeats the whole purpose of a rep really, all a user have to do is register multiple accounts and rep his other accounts that'll be a big loss in terms of advertising etc., to earn it must be a great deal of work so it has value not tarnished something that others can just poke for fun.

Just after opening this thread i received 2 bad reps and here they are:

Don't link to an overseller again.

LOL its been turned into a game, who can rep out the other person before the other person kinda thing, personally i see it as a quite abuseable feature

Much thanks to those who helped it turn green

I have a lot of bad reputation, and it's really for no reason. I used to run another free host, and suddenly went down, with notice. I came back with my new host, Ops Host, and get bad reputation for even coming back.

They should be moderated or even disabled board-wide. Reputation is more or less like a high school popularity contest.
Thats why my rep is disabled. I really don't want it. It can look bad but its not really worth anything.
I prefer rep disabled because I'm a bit more old-fashioned about my forum reputation pissing contests - join date and post count is obviously much more accurate in rating how valuable a member of the community you are.
They should be moderated or even disabled board-wide. Reputation is more or less like a high school popularity contest.

moan moan moan ...

You're only saying that because you have a bad reputation, which I might add, you do actually deserve - this is a free hosting forum, you had a host and let it go under, then tried to start a new one - that's a perfectly good reason to label you as a bad host, you only got what you deserve ....

Furthermore, if you work your --- off and make your new host work, then that bad reputation wont even matter because you'll help so many people you'll be back in the green.

On every forum I go on, I actually find that people with a high reputation know what they are talking about, they deserve that reputation because they earnt it, and in exactly the same way those with a bad reputation earned that ..... some people with a high reputation get it because they are entertainers, but everyone needs to be entertained so no biggy ....
I got a rep like that the other day
Seems the mods should look in to it as its nothing more than absuive and childish
And also a pussy.. Its not enough to hide behind a computer but they also need to hide behind a rep tool on a forums...
Mine read something like
Why are you linking to a overseller? fu*king idot
Its nothing more than abusive
I got a 5 point infraction for saying something aloud but it seems if i had said that through rep I would of not recived a infraction...
I dont mind rep but I dont like kids abusing me through it...

says he with 7 green bits :p Yeah - rep doesnt mean much
lol thats what i was going to say..
I too get my fair share of abusive reps, and also get my fair share of stupid -reps.

Posting and complaining about them is only fueling the people that are doing it, you are giving them what they want.

As most of you have said rep is pointless, how come you care so much about negative reputation? :p if it's pointless, disable it, if it's not, well... Live with it ;)

PS, my latest -rep is:

Work that one out :S I think I would rather be called a an idiot and have a reason rather than that. At least you know what you done wrong.
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I've gotten quite a fair bit of -ve reps myself and at first they seemed stupid to me. After quite a period of time considering the post and the rep, I always seem to get the feeling that I deserved that -ve rep. I've, however, also received some -ve reps that were totally pointless. Not that I can remember what they were though, since they went off the list long ago.

Just do whatever you normally do on the forums, and ignore the reps. It's no big deal, and everyone have all gotten their own share of the pointless -ve reps. No point complaining about it over here since as many people have already mentioned, it'll just get you more -ve reps. There have been many complains about -ve reps already and people are already starting to hate such threads.
I dont mind -rep I just rather not be abused... Thats all. I think it gos against the rules to abuse somoene here..