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Review: Jewlzk.com


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Review: Jewlzk.com

Hello, people! It’s been a while since I’ve actually posted here. Anyways let’s go straight to the topic. This is a review of Jewlzk.com we have been with them about 2 months and 8 days. We currently lease a Dual Quad Core Xeon server with them. I would just like to say that they are one of the best dedicated server providers we have ever gone with. We moved to them from Layered Tech, after realizing that their support was horrible and that we needed to upgrade our server because our site was growing very rapidly.

Support is very important to most people. At Jewlzk they provide a ticket based system and a phone number where I can call. Although I don’t often need any support to administer our servers (except when I forgot to install the NIC drivers :p) their services are top notched. They even gave me a direct phone line to Roland (Owner of Jewlzk) so if in emergencies we had before I could instantly get in contact with human instantly. :cool2:

We’ve been always impressed with them, and recommend them to anyone who is looking for hosting services or unique services the big boys cannot offer. So in short you won’t regret buying services from them. We expect to buy second server from Jewlzk very, very soon.:)

The site hosted with him is http://www.se7ensins.com

Thanks for reading my review! :beer:
I host a ruddy shed load with jewlzk on a dedi from them, I'd like to mention how fantastic they are too, no room for complaints at all.

Thanks Roland.
I stand with you all as a proud customer of JewlZK!!!

Roland and his Staff are all very supportive, honest and dedicated to their work. Hats off where it is due and JewlZK.Com certainly deserve it.
I Would also Say the Same,I Went 6 Tbt Over My bandwith And he never Shut Me Off,And Never made Me Pay Overages.Who else Would have done That? Any Other host Would have shut my server Offline and Made me Pay Overages,But he made it good And Worked A Deal for my Bandwith.even When we had a Small problem,Roland Offered Too Credit my Client's,Not his Mine.I Thought That Was Way to cool.

I Say We All should take these Review's And Post them on his Wht Page.
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Thank you for the kind words :)

myself, and the rest of the staff really appreciate the kind words
I am a newer customer at Jewlzk, coming from some really ----ty companies.

Roland is amazing, worked everything out with me so we could get our new dell server online. He helped out and we plan to get many more up with him.
As I've said in the past, Jewlzk has definitely been the best host for me and I will never leave. I currently have 2 servers with them and have had no problems and support is amazing. Thanks Roland/Jewlzk! :D
got to say judging from these reviews when i need to get a dedi ill be using jewlz
That's great to hear someone who's sincerely happy about hosting service provided, and JewLZK should be happy to have such loyal clients. Anyway, what does Jewlzk stand for? I can't help thinking about it...
I think Roland (the owner) told me it was something to do with his children... I can't remember exactly what now either though... :)
I'm having a bad experience with them.
I have been waiting 3 days for my dedicated to be setup.
All that has been told to me is lies.
So I'm getting a little irritated considering that it is hurting my business.
He has offered me a refund but anywhere else the server is much more expensive. I'm not giving them a total bad review. I have been for a little over four months a Reseller Customer and had no problems up until this week.
One thing to watch out for on there reseller packages is how strict there servers are about scripts that you and your clients up load. There are a lot of 500 errors because of there security. Can get very annoying.
Thanks for the review.
I will say that I have a dedicated server with JewlZK and it was set up in the specified time, which was within 7 days. So, you just need to give them time. They are an extremely busy company.
Roland's a good guy and he won't let you down.