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Review my our site

Looks pretty good to me. I have asked for a free quote ;)
Just wondering what I am going to get :D
Very professional, it looks like a legitimate site (which hopefully you are), and seems to be a very safe company to reside with.
i dont care for the stripe background or the gradient bar separators between the menu items.

on the about page, you need to make the questions radio buttons, not check boxes. maybe consider using an iphone style yes/no toggle to give a more updated look and feel. add some animation css transitions (like when you hover over the social ribbons, make them slide down and change color a bit or something)

fix the spelling of "Captchac" on the contact page to Captcha

your email address, to reduce the amount of spam, I would say to turn into a PHP image so that bots scanning the page pass over it since it would look to be an image. If you need help, I have a PHP function that does this on the fly that I have written. Let me know and I can hook you up.

if you have the time, i would HIGHLY suggest making the site responsive so that it is viewable correctly on all devices and resolutions. If you are unsure how to do this, look into using the Twitter Bootstrap framework. It has responsive design built in.

i know this seems like a lot of stuff, but really, it is not bad. just things that can improve it and take it to the next level. good luck.
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no worries. in all honesty, it is a decent site, but, i like to always find a way to improve something more. it is my job to do sites and constantly improve, so, i try to do that in my reviews too. let me know if you need any help
Your footer could be improved a lot. The biggest problem with it is contast - below the blue bar, the links are extremely difficuilt to read on an LCD monitor from an angle
IMO, unless you are trying to make people click the footer links, they are just fine being light. I have a second LCD monitor plugged in with a non-glossy display, and it looks fine on that and on my macbook antiglare screen. now, if you want them more visable and want people to click on them more, then you need to change the color, but, I took it as they are there for informational purposes, but, not really needed, just helping SEO.
i think there is no issue regarding me its read able all links and text we will try to update site ASP thanks all
I like the banner of your website, it is beautiful. However, I think you should allow visitors to switch the banner image on their own so that visitors can quickly see what information they like on your website and what they don't like on your website.

What I appreciate mostly are the well organized codes behind your webpage, you just used 391 lines codes to create your homepage, it is friendly to Google and other search engines.

At last, I think you should change the footer of your homepage, don't put so many links here, you can add some images here, you know visitors like things that are intuitive. Images with related texts and links will help visitors understand better who you are and what you can do for them.