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Roll Call - Great Canadians in FWS History

Blank Verse

I probably should have made this thread on the 1st, but I didn't because I didn't think of it until now at a time when I'm kinda itching to get back home. Also, on the 1st, I was exceedingly drunk. So there's that.

Anywho, as the self proclaimed Curator of the FWS History Museum, and a proud Canadian, I have taken this time to go ahead and recognize the great posters from above the 49th in that sleeping giant of a country that everyone always forgets. and will continue to forget...until we strike :devious2:

and what members they are. Spotlight please:

syd - This saucy blonde was, allegedly, pretty hot, though no one ever did see any pictures. I choose to believe it because the history of this great forum does lack a degree of T & A, so I'll take what I can get. syd was a mainstay around General Discussions until about 2003, when she up and moved to Florida and we never saw her again. Aside from user bigperm, the universal agitator, no one before or since has ever been able to rile up the legendary malcontent Giancarlo and have him go off on his trademark militantly flamboyant rants and irrelevant tangents. Which were awesome. Your curator truly regrets the fact that he never got to plunder her treasure chest.

stu - Member 10. stu predates FWS on vBulletin and will forever be a fixture at FWS for revealing to us in colourful ways that discussion about post counts are useless and boring. If you ever see the lamerizer "YET ANOTHER POINTLESS DISCUSSION ABOUT POST COUNTS" post thrown at you, that's because of stu. thank you stu. Known also for randomly popping in when you least expect it, and so valiantly hanging onto the now irrelevant Metallica "Napster Bad" avatar.

utcrazy - Colbert Nation's /fws/ president. along with other fine Canadian member Wojtek, utcrazy is a technology savant and is invaluable in dispensing information when it comes to computer help and media technology. This true patriot has a nose for sniffing out the controversial issues posted in the forums and is often to jump into the fray to futher the agitation.

Canuckkev - Long since departed from the FWS ranks, Canuckkev was a true lover of music and constantly had the forums telling us what we were listening to. Like stu, is prone to show up at random places to surprise you, but he'll bring along some Pink Floyd for the occasion, and tell you where you ----ed up in your programming. Questioner of the little things in life. Is Calgarian. bonus points. I make the rules here, -----es.

jmiller - Philosopher, debater, champion of matters logical, oh, and also just a pretty good all around guy, jmiller had the chops to build up or take down any young upstart biting off more than he/she could chew in anything worth debating. calm one second, blinded by anger the next, and intellectual and informed enough to back it up no matter what, despite the fact that he really just didn't care about your opinion. Was going to start an emo band with Blank Verse and Daniel in the hopes to end emo. This probably would have been exactly what happened. Virtually obliterated resident douchebags like Giancarlo and Meksilon whenever he felt like doing so.

Coolin - This is your blast from the past...an FWS original. Coolin was light hearted, low key, and although was a fixture in the forums for a few years, never went out of his way to make you notice him. His calm demeanour was in stark contrast to the bedlam that was General Discussions at the time, days where it was all "---- you, this" and "shut up homo" that, Coolin sat back and calmly brought up some weird anime reference that, mostly, went ignored.

Gayowulf - you know him, you love him, you are probably afraid that he might give you AIDS. Gayowulf burst onto the scene mainly as a connoisseur of pornography, but quickly established himself as the laid back dude with common sense and an all worldly perspective. A fan of the drink, the pizza, and the shenanigans, Gayowulf would frequently recount experiences of the lulziest variety, and provide life lessons like how to AC Slater, or how to spend your summer on the most broke down of all buses and survive. A backwoods shanty dweller, Gayowulf thirsts for knowledge in all areas, but mostly the ones that will help him drink more or further degrade women, who as we all know...deserve it.

stuffradio - affectionately known as stfuradio, this is the man who locks your insolent threads and gives you infractions for being a slovenly flipper kid. A moderator of the people, stuffradio posts about the news of the day and locks your threads with what's best for you in mind. If you have eyes, you've seen him post. If you have an iPhone, he's commented on it. Show some respect, this guy has to answer to Jan, and that's a joyless prospect that would kill or severely wound a lesser man, but radio soldiers on, fighting the good fight. Godspeed.

Wojtek - One half of FWS' famed "Montreal Two", this one time FWS mod comes from money, so you know he's better than you. Drugs and living in a party city like Montreal have enriched this Polish Canadian's life in various ways, and it's influence on this forum have left it with a spicy, somewhat mesquite aftertaste. You wanna talk watching trip out movies on projection screens while doing mushrooms and smoking three packs, talk to Wojtek. Want to talk fluffy bunnies and ponies? Tell it to hamster, sister.

Daniel - The other half of the "Montreal Two" (I made up this name for this post alone), Daniel hates you. He'll call you a dumbass and you might even deserve it. Never has cynicism been so richly articulated and evenly distributed to so many people at one time. Staunch supporter of the Montreal Canadiens, Quebec, cars, movies where things blow up, and laughing at you when you fail, Daniel did it all. now ---- you and let him watch the goddamn game.

Blank Verse - rules. Is a national treasure. Universally renowned and possibly loved even more, Blank Verse is all things to all people. The exception to all rules.

I hate that guy so much.
It's like a torrential storm here in this town I'm visiting, and there's not much going on outside of that, so that led to what you see here.

Probably a google tracker of sorts. That's why it took so long..he only saw it once google indexed this post :p
I know, I know. :D

I actually quite enjoyed the whole post. Very well written and pretty darn accurate. I didnt even know Coolin was Canadian.

I would just like to point out that I am 99.5% AIDS free, 19 times out of 20, so if anyone wants to swing past my shanty...

And I swing past here a couple times a week so I don't really miss, or contribute, much.
I know, I know. :D

I actually quite enjoyed the whole post. Very well written and pretty darn accurate. I didnt even know Coolin was Canadian.

I would just like to point out that I am 99.5% AIDS free, 19 times out of 20, so if anyone wants to swing past my shanty...

And I swing past here a couple times a week so I don't really miss, or contribute, much.

I pmed you my phone number.
So, here I am on the toilet, on my iPhone, taking a ----, when I decided; "you know what? I should check out fws".

And I see this thread. I think it's all bull----, BV. If I called you a dumbass, I would only be sugarcoating the truth. :classic2: