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So games DO influence people


! ¿ who ? ¡
A COURT has been told two men dressed as characters from a computer game shot a man dead in front of his family during a home invasion in Sydney.

Crown Prosecutor James Bennett SC, told the court Mr Em and another man invaded the Logozzos' home shortly after midnight, dressed as characters from the computer game Counter Strike.

During the invasion, Mr Logozzo was shot in the chest and his wife in the hand.

Dean? :p
Too much ausgamers for you.

That's like saying TV doesn't influence people; of course games influence us, but people of weak mind and character let influence them the most.
Oh boy...

First of all, there are no characters in Counter-Strike. Hell you might aswell put on a green shirt and brown pants and say you're L33T Krew. Honestly.

And Counter-Strike "characters" are based off real-life organizations, so...
yeah, posts and stuff much similar to what daniel said are posted all over /.

unless they had radios and stuff yelling 'Get in position and wait for my go.', 'Fire in the hole!' or 'Get out of there, its gunna blow!'

I bet they used wallhacks anyway.
This is crazy. How can computer games influence people to that extend. Imagine a guy influenced by GTA3!!
ever heard of the game Postal and Postal 2?

those are games imitating what people have actually done...
Perhaps they just used it as an excuse to enter mental hospital instead of being hanged/electrocuted/injected.
darkcurves said:
This is crazy. How can computer games influence people to that extend. Imagine a guy influenced by GTA3!!

GTA was almost banned here in the UK (where it was developed) because of that very reason....
Just weak minded and people looking for easy explainations, I'm sure there's more behind it than a game.......
Raters: They can go on huge killing sprees
Australian Rating Board: Meh
Raters: They can hire hookers
First of all everyone can inspire what it likes its a human nature.
But the positve you are the better the inspiration you take .
I play Gta vice city and many other games but i don't steal a car or kill someone after playing that game.[?????]