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That was Odd...


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Over each school week my room turns into a disaster so I clean up on Friday night or Saturday only because I can live probably months in a dirty area (except for my desk bc It will get REALLY dirty and become usuless so I pick it up often) but my Mom can not live in a place with one piece of clothing on the floor. So I have to clean often. :(


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i found a whole bundle of mice under some clothes in the corner once. when i pulled the top up they scattered everywhere :S


I'd say the oddest thing I found in my room while cleaning it the other day was a complete outfit of women's clothing amongst my pile of laundry... jeans, shirt, hoodie, socks and a thong.

It's not mine (all too small) and I've never had a... guest in this place.

I guess I'll donate them to a thrift store.


haha, no I didn't try them.

I can tell just by looking at them. The shirt is stretchy enough that I could probably squeeze into it. But if I moved I'd pull a hulk and burst it at the seams.

The hulk part would be pretty cool, but actually putting on the shirt would definately be sending the wrong message.
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Cleaning is for 9-5ers

Between working a real full time job, and working on my websites, I generally dont have time, motivation, will power, urgency, a care in the world, nor devotion to cleaning the room. There is a difference between messy and dirty though. Dirty- food and old dishes etc. Messy- clothes on the floor, miscellaneaous crap. Right now its a bit of both (pizza box on floor, clothes on floor, cups on the computer desk).

Strangest thing I ever found? Strangest thing I DIDN'T find was the 2 covers for the smoke detectors when we moved out of the old apartment. Strangest thing found was some old poetry I had written in guess in about 1994. Some was okay, but I wouldnt waste money on buying it. I had written it at a time when I got to see Mya Angelou in New Jersey, I was a high school sophomore, Ravi Shankr was doing his free peace concerts, and I was introduced to Led Zeppelin. Try finding that in your room.


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My room at my mom's house is perfectly clean. Nothing on the floor, walls with two Pink Floyd posters and a Jimi Hendrix poster, picture of one of my relatives standing next to JFK. Bed is made, dressers are clean on top with clothes folded.

Now my dad's house, which is where I stay at most of the time...it's a ----in pig sty. The rest of the house is clean -- my dad is a neat freak, but when you enter my room the typical "Caution" tape strung across the door gives a fair warning. I never make my bed, there is skateboard parts all over the floor and two cracked decks on the wall, I have a bookcase with software boxes, magazines, a few bottles of water, all thrown into it. My dresser has random shit thrown on top (from 1/3 of a shoelace that was so destroyed from skating I had to cut it out of my shoe with a pocket knife to my first earring and a couple of rocks) and I just throw my boxers into the drawer without folding them. Same with night-shirts I wear to sleep in (boxers and night-shirts drawers left open for effect). Undershirts thrown onto shelf at top of closet, along with regular changes of athletic shorts for school (closet door left open for effect). Closet is the only organized part of my room. From left to right I have my old shirts I don't wear anymore, jeans I don't like, jeans I like, shirts I still wear. My dad has taken to brushing everything off of my computer desk with his arm onto the floor when he wants to use the computer. There's two nightstands on either side of my bed, one is organized with my lamp and alarm and other stuff. The other one has an old busted boom box that I need to throw away and a coil of orange extension cord on top of it, some random CDs, a couple of magazines, a glass of ginger ale, and a garbage can full of snot rags from when I was sick yesterday.

Weirdest thing I found in my room at my dad's house? Uh.......a skateboard truck that was cracked in half (it was a no-name walmart truck from "back in the day", about 5 years ago, but still, what the hell??), and a bowl of popcorn that I estimated to be around 2 months old at the time along with a half-drunken 2-liter of coke around the same age.

Don't get me wrong though, besides my room at my dad's house looking like a tornado swept through it, it's just messy not dirty. I hate bugs.

Random thought: I remember about two months ago my dad bought two 24-cases of 20oz bottles of water. I made it my mission to drink them as fast as I could and see how long I could leave them in a pyramid under my desk before my dad got pissed and cleaned it up. He just knocked it over on purpose so I would get pissed and clean it up. Nooo....I re-stacked them so you couldn't scoot the chair in without knocking them over. Repeat 2 or 3 times before he cleaned them up.