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The Equiline Foundation stealing money.

Just a follow up, the representative of this company whom I originally had dealings with has now blocked me from skype. Their skype name is "johnathan360".

All information relative to my dealings with this company's unlawful practices are available under the freedom of information act (just as an FYI)
That is the personal skype of one of our managers and have been told that you are NOT blocked by him.

If I am not blocked by him, why is he no longer displaying as a contact on my skype contacts list especially when I had not blocked or deleted him myself?

I am willing to work out a solution, and this will require you calling me on 61488800890 to partake in a constructive discussion about me receiving my 100% refund and me not seeking the compensation for loss of business due to take it has taken me to respond to your outrageous statements, as well as legal fees. So, are you all now willing to take the smart route, or do you still want to keep trying to discredit a person whom has made ALL correspondance available to the public for public opinion on the matter?
[17/06/12 7:57:06 AM] Johnathan360: I am already aware of the publcations of alll our contacts and as for the paypal dispute t was already closed. I dsagree that you were not abusive and would lke to point out you would have gotten 100% refund f you had done it correctly the first time.
[17/06/12 7:58:25 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: Until such time as I receive my full refund, I will not be having that information removed. I am the one who has control of the information open to the public, you are the ones incriminating yourselves. I called your number and attempted to request my refund. I got hung up on 5 out of 6 times.
[17/06/12 7:59:21 AM] Johnathan360: Our records show you hung up each time but that could be a systems error, If you wish to keep the information public feel free
[17/06/12 7:59:24 AM] Johnathan360: I dont really care
[17/06/12 8:04:25 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: All correspondance made to me will be made public as per the statement I made earlier. I have nothing to hide from the public here, and I am not the one who will be worse off. I am not interested in discussing the issues with your business with you, nor am I at liberty to discuss anything further with you. I am awaiting my refund of $40, be thankful I am not lobbying for the full cost that your endeavour has bestowed upon me.
[17/06/12 8:04:44 AM] Sarah Jannette Allen: Please feel free to contact me once you have refunded my money.
[17/06/12 8:05:41 AM] Johnathan360: Not happening since you are still being an "I am better than you" attitude
[17/06/12 8:05:44 AM] Johnathan360: good evening maam
Please tell me how have we mistreated the situaton? Client was abusive so following our policy my manager told us not to approve the refund and paypal agreed wth us and closed the clam in our favour.

Your company gave her a quote, overcharged her and then refused to give a full refund. That's several bad business decisions made worse by you acting like you did nothing wrong. There's still a window of opportunity to make it right. You know what to do.
The quote given by Johnathan was $14 which she paid with another discount even... We only refused the refund AFTER SHE REFUSED to ask in the correct manor NEVER did we overcharge Sarah
So you accepted the money without ID, and won't refund it because Sarah refuses the ID? Do I have that correct?
Once again, we did NOT refuse to refund she did not ask appropriately as we poltely asked her to do. If she had called management as asked she would have been refunded wthin 10 minutes.
If I refused to call you and speak to your "management" how did I get hung up on 5 out of 6 times? I did everything you told me to do except relinquish my identification documents to your company, which looking back on now, was one of the best decisions of my life.

All I want from this is my $40 back. And by publishing this entire issue to the community allows them to see how not to run a business. Not to mention the fact that your attempts at justification are folly at best, and you should just refund me my $40 rather then continuing to destroy your own business' reputation as you are doing now. Even though Johnathan who is apparently a manager said (and I quote) "I don't care" (see message history on pg 2 of this thread)

Really. What do you hope to gain? Do you think that stealing $40 and trying to publically justify it is really going to do your business any good? Even if I was abusive, it is still no reason or justification to steal money. This is from a business sense, and every member of this community, lawyer, or any professional will tell you that. I don't know where you became qualified to be a manager, but even Mc Donald's will train you that it is easier to give a refund then to argue with the consumer. So really, do you value your job, and your company so little that $40 is worth more?
Yes actually do value my job thats why can not give you the refund personally at this stage would but Johnathan is tellng me no, I will not disobey a direct order If you really want me to I will meet with Jacob tomorrow and attempt to get you your refund. although in response to your statement we meant you did not call untl you already opened the paypal case.
Your company is less then 2 months old and did not provide me with an adequate process to receive my refund. I call as per the request, I receive a 1 line statement "We are not prepared to process your refund at this stage" and was then promptly hung up on by one of your "managers". I have made a federal case out of this quite literally.

Johnathan doesn't actually have the right to withhold funds that are not actually his, and this is why I have made a case with the FBI, (FBI Case Number: I1206161657322662) And all I need is my $40 back, and I can close the federal case. Oh, and if you do not believe me, feel free to call the FBI (very friendly bunch) and quote this case number.
Basically how the FBI works is, the people (and I stress this, everyone involved) will be investigated, and with the evidence I have provided, will be locked up for a long long time in a federal prison for fraud, and cyber theft. This includes you, it includes Daniel, it includes all the names you so kindly posted previously. All of these names have been provided as evidence to the FBI. All over the $40 you stole from me and refuse to return.

So. Should we wait for the FBI to knock at your door at 3am? Or should you send me back my money. Ultimately I find your excuses amusing, and I don't mind either way. Because that $40 has gone a long way. It has provided me with a number of hours of entertainment watching a popup host destroy itself, and if I get it back, all that entertainment was for free. If I don't get it back, I will count my losses, make it back within minutes, and then receive a wonderful call from the FBI telling me that they have located you all, and that you will all be persecuted for cyber crimes and fraud.

Either way, I win. I am providing you a solution where you win a bit too. And that solution is that you don't get locked up in a federal prison, an I get my $40 back.

See, they don't care about how much was taken, they care about preventing you from ever being able to do it again.
Seeing as you are not openly threatening my boss I'm done I wll no longer post n ths thread I just offered to appeal to my boss to get your money back and you throw that crap at me, whatever.
Seriously... Call the FBI and quote that case number. I'm not fabricating my actions. It was actually hostgator's idea.
We will do so first thing monday morning when the local branch is open. also regarding less than 2 months, that is not true we recently reranded but the group itself is 3 years old.
Haha. Ok, enjoy the wait.

My company has been in business since 2004. It's been rebranded a few times but what they hey.

Anyway, I suggest you make the most of things... Just an FYI, this thread is now on dig.