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there's no reason you couldn't get a job unless you're picky, only apply at a few locations, or don't really want to get one.
there's no reason you couldn't get a job unless you're picky, only apply at a few locations, or don't really want to get one.

I applied at target several months back, got an interview, then got a rejection card a month later. I applied at Bestbuy, but their computer system auto-rejected me. I applied at Savers, but the manager didn't hire me, and when I asked him in person, the guy literally blew me off.
stop putting all your eggs in one basket man. apply for 20 jobs, yes, literally 20 jobs, in one day, 20 more he next, and 20 more on a third day. yes, that is a lot of filling out of apps, but, out of the 60 apps, you are guaranteed at least a few interviews, and at least one offer. i guarantee it. like Devin said, you must not really want one. that is just my opinion, but, it doesnt sound like you are really trying all that hard. i can think of at least 2 places i could go to first thing in the morning and get a job just cause i know someone that works there, and im sure you have friends with jobs that are possibly hiring. it is not like you are applying for a web developer job and have no degree or experience. the places you named are no experience or degree required places. seriously man, step up and get going with the app hunt. put it this way, the economy blows right now, we all know that. when i got laid off from the company i was at cause they couldnt afford to keep me with slow business, i had a new job interview that same night on the phone, and in person one the next week, and by the end of the week, an offer on the table. it took me exactly one week to get a new place to work, and i was going for the web developer position with no degree, and no experience as a programmer except freelance, just designer experience at ittoolbox.com for two years. so, it can be done. i wish you the best of luck, now hit the payvment running. oh, on more piece of advice; dress nice (even if it is a ---- place), talk proper, respectfully, show that you have a drive and are serious about the job and a willingness to learn, and if you do that, and have a good personality, you will get a job. employers are judging you from the second you ask for a job. present yourself professionally, and show you have ambition and you will be in.
did i mention after i left my manager job at kfc i handed in literally over 40 applications before i got 2 job offers? i actually got 2 more offers in the last week, but i'm already employed and don't need them. my trick is i dress in nice cargo-ish tan pants and a semi-douchebaggy collared polo shirt. i go up to a cashier or someone and ask "hi, is the manager currently here?" and then i get the application from him, express my interest in the job, make sure he knows my name, find out if he's hiring, shake hand, leave. i had a conversation with my gamestop boss about this as well. i asked about resumes and "teen jobs" (i.e. mcdonalds) and he said if someone takes time to hand in a resume along with their application, he at least looks at it right away. makes you stand out, which is the biggest thing you need to keep aware of when finding a job, especially now.
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well, having no ambition would be your problem, but, dont expect people to care when you complain about your situation if you arent doing something to change it. ;)
trying a paid to post type site with some other money offers. putting the finishing touches then i'll do some advertising.